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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham City
Alfred, Barbara, cake, Dick, friends, Gabby, Helena, ice cream, jujubes, Kyle....

So, Dinah had an almost alphabetic list of things to be thankful for on her 19th birthday. Including tickets to a bike rally next week, and a promise from Jason that maybe they'd enter one of the races.

Yay birthday!

[open for phone calls, e-mails and/or visits]

Someone was getting a phone caaaaaall.

Someone was answering it!

"Hey, Late Birthday Boy!" Dinah twirled in her new dress, and grinned at her cake. "How's Texas treating you?"

"It's nice and Spring-y!" Jaime declared. "And Milagro's being a brat."

"Am not!"

"HI MILAGRO!" Dinah tried to call, and then grinned and asked, "Why, what extra is she doing? Ohh, and did you get my present for you? I sent it to the dorms, I didn't think of sending it to El Paso..."

"I think I missed it in transit," Jaime chuckled. "So I guess I've got something to look forward to when I get back."

"And she's just being generally bratty."

"Am not!"

"Is that her favorite phrase this weekend?" Dinah teased, then pouted. "Aww... well, you'll just have to call me after you open it up," she said philosophically. "Momoko called and said what a good time she was having."

"I'm glad." Jaime smiled slightly. "And how are you, birthday girl?"

"I am good! I have new music, I have new clothes, I have a new toolkit thanks to Momoko; I've got tickets to a Knights game and a guy to take there..." Dinah grinned widely. "And it looks like I'll be learning to drive the Ferrari!"

"Oh, hell no."

"Oh hell yes!"

"The Ferrari?" Jaime asked with a laugh. "You going to let Kyle take the wheel for a minute or two? Or are you just going to torture him and watch him drool?"

At least, he assumed it was Kyle...

"I like torturing him." Which was not entirely an answer. Dinah grinned and spun around, Jason grabbing her hand and dipping her as she kept talking. "And Jay's going to teach me, 'cause it'll annoy Helena. And his name is on the title too."

Kyle tapped Jason's shoulder, and re-appropriated his girlfriend, who was still giggling. "Maaaybe in an empty parking lot..."

"I bet he loves it, too," Jaime smirked.

"And you trust Jay to actually teach you?"

"He didn't let me fall off the train!"

"What train?" Kyle said, sounding very close and appalled.

"..the Metro flyer to Jersey Shores. No biggie."

Look, more torture. Also, possibly a kiss and the words, "You worry too much, sweetie."

"About you?" Jaime interjected. "There's no such thing as 'too much'."

Funny how fond he sounded.

Dinah was now being glomped in reaction by Kyle, but that didn't stop her talking to Jaime.

"Shhhh! C'mon, I'm careful! There were two people there to catch me if I fell and all, I know I'm not indestructible... ohh, reminds me, next time you're here, Barbara said it was okay to let you take a look at the armor. Compare densities and plates and stuff."

And maybe pick his brain (and Scarab's) for improvement ideas.

"Oh, that'd be neat!" Jaime did love tinkering, as Dinah knew.

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