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MiniDinah, MiniDinahballoon, MiniDinahTeddy
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Priestly & Jen's place, Santa Cruz, Saturday Morning

There was a hyperactive blonde bouncing on the couch, yelling in excitement. There had been movies and talking and a lot of food last night, which translated into an extra-sugared-up and awake Dinah this morning.

Saturday! Cartoons! Saturday! Beach! Saturday! Riding her bike! Saturday Saturday Saturday-- "SATURDAY!"

[for the BFF, although open for weetiny phone calls]

Priestly came out of his room, wearing only tiny plaid pajama pants. He pouted at Dinah.

"No duh," he said. "Ev'one knows when its Saturday."

Jen peeked out through her door and stared. There were two tiny blond people in the living room. She tried to decide if she should do something about this.

Dinah climbed onto the arm of the sofa, teetering a little. Then climbed on the back of the sofa, teetering even more.

"We have stuff to do! We gotta go on my bike to the Grill and the beach and then see Zo and then maybe we can go to the movies and-- Jen! Hi Jen!" Dinah waved to her, swaying. "Whoa."

Yeah, Jen definitely needed to do something here. And that was keep the tiny blond girl from falling over and cracking her head open. She swooped in to scoop the girl up.

"Hi," she said. "Uh. What're you doing here?"

"She always does that," Priestly said, with all the sage wisdom a four year old could muster. "I tell 'er not to."

"He does," Dinah cheerfully agreed, letting Jen swoop her. "He's smart. Jen, you can come with us to the Grill!" Most awesome idea ever! "Aren't you hungry? Priestly c'n makes us stuff."

"I can make waffles!" Priestly decided. Jen, who, of course, had yet to connect the two tiny blond people with the two adult sized blond people who'd gone to sleep in the apartment the night before, decided this kid was just trying to be cute.

"Priestly's off for the weekend," she told Dinah. "But it'd be just like him to go in to work, anyway."

"Yup yup. 'Cause food's the funnest," Dinah agreed, wriggling to get down. "After he puts on clothes. You can't wear jammies at the Grill," she told Priestly, giggling.

Jen set Dinah carefully down on the floor. "Please tell me you didn't see Priestly without clothes on." Way to scar the two little kids, Priestly.

Priestly gave her his best "what are you, stupid?" look, then turned back to Dinah. "I can so wear 'jamas. I can wear 'jamas anywheres I want."

"Nuh-unh!" Dinah cracked up at Jen's silly idea and then sighed at Priestly. "It's a health code ...thingy." She was pretty sure. She was just-turned-five, but there were big words and sometimes she didn't pay attention. "Maybe if you wear shoes? No shirt no shoes no service!" she chanted.

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Was Dinah's cellphone anywhere on her? Because a totally frustrated wee tiny red-head had managed to find her own phone and mememebered Dinah's number (after a few tries).

"Ah!" Dinah gasped with excitement and looked around. "My phone! My phone is ringing!" And playing some J-pop! Dinah squee'd and ran to her bag, throwing things everywhere to pull it out, then plopped down on the floor. "This is Dinah's phone! Hi hi hi!"

"Diiiiiiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Hi hi hi! I called and called and called and called and called and it wasn't you EVERY time and I tot'ly know your number cause I calls it alla time and I don't hafta ask my mom like the stupid man said!" She took a breath. "Is Mister Bear at your room? I can't finds him anywhere!"

"Momo!" Dinah shrieked. "Hiiiii! An' I don't think so?" She got up to look around at all her stuff, and picked it up, throwing it back on the bag as she checked. "No... no... no, not the bear, just fuzzy slippers... no... No. Wuh-oh." She frowned at the phone. "He's nowhere? An' I'm in SANTA CRUZ!"

"... YOU'RE WITH SANTA?! Dinaaaah! I wanna come! Please please pleeeeeeease? An' ask him where Mister Bear is, Santa knows! He knows everything!"

"No no no," Dinah said seriously. "Santa Cruuuuuuz. Not Santa Claaaaause. It'sa place. Where Priestly lives. An' I dunno if you can come, can you gets a portal? Or a plane? Or a Superman?"

"OH!" Momoko totally didn't understand why they'd name a place after Santa but it was totally cool and very nice and probably meant you got extra presents when he visited.

"Oh! HI PRIESTLY!!! HI HI HI! Does Priestly know where's Mister Bear? I don't know if I can gets a portal. An' I don't gots any money for a plane. Do you gots Superman's phone number? I don't know it and it's not in the comic bookses cause they're not really real." Tim said so.

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