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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Outside the Clocktower, New Gotham City, Friday evening
Dinah checked her watch, checked the alley, and really hoped the portal would be on time, and that Triela had remembered to catch it. Maybe she should've called?

[for an Italian gun girl]

Like Triela hadn't seen that coming.

Still, Dinah could take whatever advantages she could manage. She'd need them.

Triela took a moment to get her bearings and took off at an actual run, dodging around pedestrians without needing to break stride.

Dinah was picking up speed, and whipped around one corner to climb the steps to the Metro station, knowing that there was a way over the tracks here that would save her time.

By climbing on top of the ticket kiosk and leaping to the next walkway, to catcalls and a few commuter train officer yells. She wasn't going to check on Triela. Yet.

Triela didn't know any shortcuts, but she was fast.

Conspicuously fast, in fact. It wasn't that she was moving all-out, but moving at the equivalent of a spring wasn't something that many people could do for very long.

Especially not while dodging people who were yelling after her as she shot by.

Aaaaaand leap! And there was the fire escape down down down, then unrolled to let Dinah slap onto the top of a dumpster, vault off and down the street, two blocks ahead of Triela, if the view she'd gotten from above was still accurate.

Faster faster faster bus bench around the lamp faster--

The lights of the midway were fifteen blocks off. Faster!

Triela's way was actually working pretty well until she ran into the little fact that she had to cross traffic. She couldn't slow down, so she darted through.

She had to leap upward, planting her foot on the hood of a coup in order to get enough of a boost to launch herself onto the roof of a passing bus. That was enough for her to leap the last two lanes of traffic, tucking and rolling as she hit the sidewalk on the far side and came up into a sprint without missing a beat.

She wasn't sure where Dinah was, at this point, but she couldn't think about that. She had somewhere to be.


Traffic crap crap crap, Ooo--

Dinah hopped into the back of a flatbed going east for two blocks, caught her breath and hopped out again to run through a pocket-park, frightening the pigeons and gaining catcalls from the rollerbladers and skateboarders going up and down the steps.

She chanced a look behind her, and thought she saw Triela only one block behind.


Triela spotted Dinah at that same moment and grinned hungrily.

And poured on the speed.

Her heels hitting the concrete of the sidewalk with a staccato pounding sound as she went from sprinting to going even faster than that. She was gaining. And now she could use whatever shortcuts Dinah tried.

At least until she caught up.

Crap! Ten blocks to go! Nooooes!

Dinah whirled back and ducked around a group of construction workers, then grinned and with Barbara saying "Dinah? What are you doing? No--!" in her ear, she ran into a fountain in the next park, climbed the center fountain even as a cop was yelling at her to come down, and then jumped to the nearest tree.

Climbed that. Three stories. Jump to the awning.

Run run run run run along the roofs of the storefronts, avoiding pedestrians, looking down to see Triela getting closer--

While following Dinah to the rooftops would be easy enough, Triela figured it was unnecessary. She could see her goal, after all. Only eight blocks away. Two minutes at the most.

Easy enough.

Of course the crowd was thickening, so dodging around them wasn't really going to work for much longer. Oh well, running a few people over was probably okay.

Faster faster only seven blocks-- six blocks now-- to go!

At three blocks left, Dinah jumped onto the awning over the vegetable sellers (to the squawks of the owner), flipped down, and ran to the traffic circle right before Amusement Mile.

C'mon c'mon c'mon break traffic breeeak--

Triela was right behind her.

And wasn't waiting for a break in traffic.

She picked up speed, planted one foot, and made a literally inhuman leap. Fifteen feet up, and thirty-five feet forward, landing with a heavy thump on the far side.

"Well, damnit," Dinah muttered on the other side, biting her lip and bouncing on her toes. And hoping like hell that no one had a camera for that. Airwalking could've gotten her across, but yeah, no.

A break-- and she darted through traffic, fifty feet behind Triela, pouring on the speed and dodging around bystanders who were staring.

Fast enough, no one would get a look at their faces--

Almost at the entrance, but Triela was still a good thirty feet ahead--

And not slowing down, either. Triela wasn't the sort to get distracted by gloating.

Not until after she'd locked in her win, at least.

And then she had arrived. So she slammed to an abrupt stop. Going from sprint to standing nonchalantly and waiting for Dinah with a tiny, triumphant smirk.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Dinah said as she came up, panting, then very gently punched Triela in the arm. "Subtlety! You no has it!" But she was laughing.

"Says Miss Jumping-off-of-that-fountain."

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