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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Outside the Clocktower, New Gotham City, Friday evening
Dinah checked her watch, checked the alley, and really hoped the portal would be on time, and that Triela had remembered to catch it. Maybe she should've called?

[for an Italian gun girl]

Triela had noted it in her date book.

And set an alarm on her phone.

So even though she'd forgotten, she'd managed to make it. Duffel bag slung over her shoulder. Looking around a bit warily.

Dinah beamed and bounced forward, reaching toward to take her bag. "Yay, you're here! Are you hungry? Want to get something to eat before we tour around the town?"

Triela smirked. "I could eat."

"Out, or in? Alfred's cooking," Dinah said hopefully, turning to the recessed elevator. "He does the best Thai food in the universe. Multiverse, even!"

"Whatever you're in the mood for." As usual, Triela didn't have a strong preference.

Dinah hit the button, considered, and said, "In for dinner, and out for dessert. That works. We can catch the street theater stuff after dinner, and- oh, hey!" She beamed, walking into the elevator and holding the door for Triela. "Remember that simulation in tracking class, a year or so ago? Running through a city? We should so do that!"


"I... don't remember that."

Dinah stopped and blinked as Triela got on the elevator and it started to rise, and bit her lip. "You don't?... well. It was fun." It hurt that Triela had already forgotten that. "A lot. And we should still do it- if you can? A run through the park, down into the subways, out in the street?" They could make new memories, right?

Triela grinned. "That does sound good."

Mood lightening back up again, Dinah bounced on her toes, and waved at the camera monitoring them. "Say hi to Barbara. You're going to meet her in a minute anyway." She grinned. "We'll dump your bag here, eat, then go out looking for trouble," as the elevator doors opened.

Barbara looked up from her computer monitors, smiling in bemusement, and held out a hand to shake to Triela as the two girls walked in. "Welcome to New Gotham, Triela. I'm glad you could come for a visit. I'm Barbara Gordon, Dinah's guardian."

"I know." Triela took Barbara's hand firmly.

"I'm Triela. Nice to meet you."

"Dinah's told me a lot about you, I'm glad you could stay this weekend." She darted a glance at Dinah, who shook her head. No, she hadn't brought up brain scans yet. There was time. "Hopefully Dinah won't have to work at her 'other' job this weekend while you're here. We should have enough coverage, though."

"If you need any help..." Well, Triela was packing.

"Thank you." Barbara wasn't about to let anyone she hadn't thoroughly vetted operate in New Gotham-- but if something came up and was unavoidable, Dinah could probably keep an eye on the other girl. "I'll keep that in mind." She smiled. "Until then, I think Alfred already has dinner ready. Helena's at the Dark Horse, so feel free to start without me."

Dinah leaned in to hug her. "Don't work too hard. C'mon, Triela. Fooooood."

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