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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 712, Unalachtigo Dorm, New Gotham, Wednesday evening
The weekend had been weird. News from other people had been... not great. Dinah was looking forward to seeing Kyle, but also, kind of, not. Which had nothing to do with him, and a lot to do with her life being weird.

Hopefully he wouldn't pick up on the 'not' before it faded away.

[for the stats guy, but open for phone calls.]

"Hey, you!" Kyle called from the hallway.

"Hey, you," Dinah said back, smiling, and stretching up for a kiss. Not as bouncy or enthusiastic as usual, but still glad to see him. "You get the movies to watch?"

"Movies? I was supposed to get movies?"

But if he'd forgotten, what were those boxes in his hand?

"And how was your weekend?" he asked, leaning in for another quick kiss.

Dinah snickered, and whapped at said boxes, claiming them, and then returning the next kiss with a little more enthusiasm, and relief. "It was... interesting. Weird. Hard to explain." She pointed to the pillows on the floor, and the bowl of popcorn next to them. "The dance on Friday was good."

"Got to catch up with all your old high school friends?" he asked, walking over to the pillows and then sprawling out comfortably.

Which gave her a weird deja vu to Sunday night, but Dinah gulped and moved past it. "Yup. Momoko and Jaime, they're dating now. Saw Karla, had ice cream with her." While they were both old. "Kate and Arthur, Francine and Priestly..." Just dropped in there, like it wasn't any kinda thing. "I'm kinda hoping some of them will visit during Spring Break. So you can meet them." She flopped down next to him, and TK'd drinks to them. "You have a good weekend?"

"Jaime your ex, Jaime?" He hadn't forgotten Momoko, of course. She was kind of hard to forget.

"And it was good. Studied for most of it, but you know me..."

"I do." Dinah gave him a peck on the cheek, then leaned against him, thinking about that. "It was... kind of awkward? I mean. I'm good with them dating," she hastily added. "It was just-- seeing them together, not knowing how to be with them, together. I..." She frowned. "I'm not making sense, am I."

"No. You are." Kyle bumped his head against hers. "I bet all of you are still awkward... trying to figure out how to treat each other."

"Yeah." Dinah had nearly forgotten that, in all the weird of everything else. "It's like, separately, it's all good, but together... I mean. I keep wondering if this is how Momoko felt when I was dating Jaime. And I can see Jaime trying to be normal, but not knowing what it is either." She bumped her head back against Kyle's. "I hope it gets less weird when I go to their graduation next month."

"They say that time fixes that sort of thing."

Kyle paused, then grinned.

"Though they also seem to say plenty of crap that's just not true."

Dinah snickered, then curled up next to him. Mental barriers up, 'cause that had reminded her of Priestly, and hoping that time would make last Sunday less weird. She floated the movie to the DVD player, and flicked on the TV. "Would you, maybe," she wondered, hesitant. "Want to go to the graduation with me next month? I don't know what your plans are, but. It should be that first weekend." She paused. "Although I need to warn you, Fandom Island is... different."

"Everything you've told me about the place suggests that, yeah."

Kyle thought about the question for a moment.

"And... I think I'd like that. I want to meet some of these people you're always talking about."

"Yay." Dinah melted in relief, and into a kiss. Step 1: going to be accomplished. Karla might help. Momoko too. And...


Mmmm indeed.

"Did you think I'd say no?" he asked after... well, he didn't know how long.

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