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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Arms Hotel, Pillow Suite, Monday morning
Birds sang outside. The sunlight stealthily made its way across the room, and finally crossed Dinah's face.

She opened her eyes and realized three things:

She was asleep in the living room. Without clothes anywhere nearby. With someone spooned up next to her.

...She closed her eyes on a grumble and tried to remember why this wasn't a problem.

[for one now-mohawked guy again, and great and annoying SP]

Priestly mumbled back in his sleep and attempted to burrow his face into her shoulder. Someone clearly wasn't awake enough to make even the first of the three realizations, yet.

Dinah turned over with an effort-- more due to how many pillows were piled under and around them then the last tiny bit of a hangover-- and then stared.

Falling asleep with Priestly, psh. They'd done that lots of times, even if it was mostly not on purpose. Falling aleep with naked Priestly...?

UM. UM. UM. Whaaaaaat?

Whomever he was sleeping next to really needed to stop fussing around, Priestly decided. He wasn't used to having to deal with that while he was trying to sleep.

Wait, he was missing a step, here.

He blearily blinked open one eye to a face full of a whole lot of very nice looking skin.

He was still missing a step, here.

Finally achieving verbal coherence, Dinah squeaked, "Priestly? Don't... no wait, I mean... close your eyes!"

Yeah, that would reassure him.

"H'okay, Dinah." Priestly closed his eyes obediently, licking his lips.

And that would be when that missing step kicked in.

His eyes flew open again and he attempted to sit up, to no avail. "Dinah? Why aren't you wearing clothes?!"

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"Same reason as you! I guess!!" Dinah flailed, grabbing for a random pillow and holding it to her chest. Not that that covered up much else. Parts of last night were coming back and oh my god Fandom what were you thinking??

Also, she was trying not to look, but the flailing kept rearranging pillows, and, well... okay! Not looking! Not looking not looking Priestly was really cute oh my god stop looking! "Stop looking!" Addressed to herself as much as Priestly.

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Dinah was now one of maybe three people who had seen a particular one of Priestly's tattoos. She should be proud!

Or, you know, mortified. Priestly was somewhat torn between the two, himself.

He let out a squawk and fumbled for a pillow to use for himself while he tried to work out what the hell was going on. The details were a bit fuzzy, but they were trickling back.

"Oh god, please tell me that was a dream." He'd been respectable! Well, until he'd apparently decided to get drunk and -- not thinking about it. Not thinking about it.

Yeah, Dinah was going to be remembering that tatt for a while. Whether she wanted to or not.

"I wish I could?" Dinah tried, then TK'd another pillow to herself. She now looked like a somewhat amateurish pictorial for a men's magazine. Still not looking! Even if it was okay to look! Really!

"You were married," she marveled, and then in tones of horror, "And you wore a tie. And I--" Holy crap, she'd been messed up. Dinah squinched her eyes shut and muttered, "Be a dream, be a dream, it's okay if it's all a dream..."

Edited at 2011-04-04 08:33 pm (UTC)

"Well, you know, it wasn't like I was bad. . . ." Not the point, Priestly. Right, she was maybe not entirely referring to what they did just the night before. "You were -- I don't actually know what was going on with you. You were all just really quiet about it."

Dinah was thrilled on one level: she was no longer suffering from crimefighting PTSD. "She nearly got killed, got driven crazy with a magic fix-it, killed the guys who nearly killed her, then got into a mental freak-out spiral about it all." She paused. "So, you know, quiet, kind of the way to go." She swallowed, then licked her lips. White wine taste. Oh, man.

She snuck a look at Priestly out of the corner of her eye, then gulped and looked at the ceiling. Yeah, the bits she remembered had been... pretty spectacular. And if they'd been bad, this would be easier! They could laugh! It would be awful! And funny! And not so weird! "No, not bad," she muttered, a little mournful. "Not the word."

Priestly winced. "Right. Future us. Kind of fucked up." He'd worn suits. And holy crap, he remembered feeling so detached from everything. . . . He started fumbling along the floor for a pair of pants. "Man, why do I even come back here? Seriously, this island is screwed up."

Seeing Priestly reach for pants reminded Dinah, and oh God yay for TK, she could zap her clothes to herself. Even if one of the lamps almost got tipped over in the process.

"Very very very screwed up," she agreed, turning her back and yanking on underwear and bra, then pulling her shirt on over her head. Clothed, this was even more surreal. Had they really... oh wow, judging by the suite, they really had. Dinah whimpered, not looking at Priestly.

If asked, Priestly would totally deny being disappointed that she had clothes on, now. Vehemently.

Oh, he was a bad friend.

He turned his focus back to his pants search. "Pants," he said. "Pants, pants -- kilt? Kilt!" He never thought he'd be so happy to see his kilt. Future him didn't even have one!

"Kilt!" Dinah cheered, shimmying into her jeans and then turning around, buttoning them. Okay, still not quite safe to look, but who was she kidding, it was all too late, it was all bizarro world, she needed ice cream and time to freak out. "So, um. Uh."


Realizing she might be looking again, Priestly let out another faint squawk and clutched the kilt close, trying to wrap it around his waist without quite getting up off the floor.

It didn't exactly work.

"Uh. Food." Food was the answer to all things. Okay, so future!him proved that wasn't true, but it still was for him now, dammit. "Food. I'm gonna -- make food. And coffee." Everything would look better with food and coffee.

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