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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham - Metropolis Zephyr, outer borough to Jersey Shores

Dinah did not have her eyes closed. It wouldn't help. She had a blindfold on, courtesy of Nightwing and Robin. Yeah, Dick and Tim were indulging in their own form of hazing right now. Helena had promised to kill them if she got hurt, but....


Dinah flopped down on her stomach as they went under a low bridge, and called, "So, did you do this to J-- Red Robin?"

"He fell off on the Tri-Borough Bridge," Nightwing reported, a grin in his voice. "But he got back on."

"No pressure!"

The train stopped for a fill up, and Dinah clicked on her bluetooth, and made a voice-post text to her friends:


[open for phone calls-- she might even take the blindfold off for a few miles]

Still rocking Nikko to keep him quiet, Momoko blinked at her phone sleepily, then typed a quick response. One handed.

if yU ar e in bed , iam jeaalous

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Dinah heard the text thing, so she hit REDIAL and said, "Whoever this is, I can't see Caller ID, I'm kinda in the middle of-- ACK!"

Whump. Yeah, that turn was a hard one.

Momoko's voice was soft but urgent and heavily marked with concern. "Dinah?! What's wrong? What's happening?" and did she need exhausted back-up?

"Nothing! Just didn't brace myself fast enough," Dinah said, getting back to her feet. "I'm on the train. The turn was very left, when I was still going forward." She grinned, and it was probably audible. "Hey, Momoko! You sound sleeeeeeeepy."

Momoko calmed down a little bit, but not much, since she could hear... "Why do I hear air?" She yawned. "Ah, sorry. I totally am. Sleepy, I mean. The baby kept me up most of the night. And why aren't you holding on to the grips if you're standing on the train?"


"Who's that?"

"I think it's the one she hung out in Baltimore with."


Dinah laughed, high and hyper, and said, "I should let you sleep, but is it a robo-baby or a real one again?"


"He's a droid; I'm paired with Jason. Grips... the..." She blinked a few times, trying to think. "The things you hold onto when you ride the train but have to stand? I totally can't think of any other word for them... And I can't sleep, Nikko cries if he's not held or rocked, so you're totally helping un-bore me. Who's with you? Kyle?"

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Roy could think of many answers to that, none of them sane, so he decided to call and find out how much danger exactly Dinah was in.

Ring, ring.

"New-Gotham-Metroplis-Express! Now passing outskirts of metro New Gotham!" Dinah called out, sounding giddy and terrified and happy. "Not that I can see it right now. Hi!"

"Okay, I know I will regret asking this question," Roy said, "but why can't you see it?"

"Roy!! I'm wearing a blindfold! Ni- Rob-- Somebody said I had to do this if I wanted to be a real Bat," Dinah said, then unf'd as she landed on her butt on the next curve, getting back up to her feet. "You know. Ride outside the train!"

"So, they're hazing you," Roy observed.

"No! I just--" Oh, they totally were. "Wanted to see if I could do it! It's fun!" Never mind the girly screaming.

"Is that Roy? HI ROY!"

"The guys say hi." That was a wheeeee! of glee. Really. Not terrified glee. "I have the balance for this! Really!"

They were totally hazing her. "Don't fall off. That's bad," Roy advised her.

"Someone did that and got back on."

Or, was, you know, dragged back on by a grappling hook. But details.

"Not that I'm planning on it! I'll cheat with TK if I have to." If she could figure out how. "What are you doing in Fandom?"

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