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Legs, piercing
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham Events Center, Tuesday evening
It was the next-to-the-last night of the competition-- the main runway judging portion, and Dinah was feeling fairly discouraged that she hadn't caught or discovered the saboteur yet. A meta, probably female, interested in hurting the models but not wrecking the competition, with knowledge of explosives... it just wasn't enough. Barbara had eliminated several people around the competition, but the suspect pool was still way too large.

So she was trying to be happy that she'd got to keep the boots while she waited her turn in the make-up chair.

Eva had been the biggest pain in the ass of all the other models this week; Lena and Svetlana were bitchy, but Eva had been whiny, pouty, and tantrum-throwing since last weekend. Dinah had made a point of avoiding her.

"Dinahhhh. Break a leg," Eva said in her trademark Lithuanian accent. And she was smiling.

Dinah stared at her, paranoid. Had her lipstick smeared into something Joker-ish? "...uh, thanks?"

"You're welcome, dahling," she said, taking her place next to the entry staircase. Smiling sweetly.

Maybe Eva was high?

She didn't usually use her powers to check legal altitude, but Dinah discreetly brushed her arm against Eva's, just to check if the other girl was about to fall off the catwalk, and--

No one has guessed yet! This is so awesome! The plan worked! I'm Eva! I'll be Eva for always!


Dinah gave Eva-- Not-Eva-- a perky smile back, and backed away slowly. Then got out her phone while the stylists attacked her to get her ready, and whispered, "Helena? Found her."

[for the Huntress and the Stats Guy]

"Which one is it? Is it the one with the weird face?"

Never mind that that could describe pretty much all of them.

"The Lithuanian one with the weird face," Dinah clarified, keeping her voice down as the stylists brushed blush on her face. "The one that looks like an alien, not the one that looks like a mafiosa. Or the one that looks like serial killer." She darted a look toward Eva, then hissed, "The meta took her place!"

"Alienface? Great. So where's the real Alienface?"

"Eva," Barbara put in.

"Should've named her Alienface."

She couldn't even argue with that. Dinah thought back, and realized: "She has to be somewhere close. Or her body." God, don't let there be a body. "Eva was pitching a fit about the cream cheese less than an hour ago at the craft table. That had to be the real version. The meta couldn't have had time to take her or hide her anywhere outside the Events Center."

"Tilt your eyes up, Dinah," the make-up artist coaxed. "Thaaaat's it, dear."

Dinah rolled her eyes, did as she was told, and said, "I'm stuck here, but I'll keep her in sight, if you find the real one?"

Well, at least they weren't making her deal with models. Until she found one, that was. "Check the closets duty, right. I'm on it."

"I see a few security breaches on the lower levels," Dinah heard Barbara say. "It shouldn't take too long."

"Dinah, you have to hang up now," one of the wranglers said firmly. "Or you're going to look lopsided."

"Gotta go, guys. Good luck!"

Dinah hung up, and settled back to have her face painted like a Chinese vase, and kept checking on Meta-Not-Eva's progress as she was dressed.

Eventually, Helena leaned in a doorway and hissed, "Psst," at Dinah.

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Kyle was, of course, in the audience waiting for a chance to see Dinah strut her stuff. Because when your girlfriend was in a modeling show, you pretty much showed up at every possible opportunity.

Doubly so when your girlfriend was as hot as Dinah.

Even if he was a taaaaad bit jealous of all the time she was spending on the competition rather than him. Not that he was going to say anything about it. It wasn't like it would be fair for him to try to claim all her time, after all.

Arms slipped around him from behind, and somebody giggled in his ear. "Here to hit on the models?"

He stiffened in surprise, then laughed and leaned back lightly.

"Well, there was one pretty hot one who caught my eye..."

"Oh, reeeeally?" Dinah bounced forward to kiss his cheek, then bounced back, tightening her arms around him. "Did she look like an alien, or a unicorn, or a hitwoman?"

"Well, she was tall... great legs. Amazing smile."

Kyle smirked to cover his slight blush at the kiss. "Maybe you can introduce me... she's the brunette..."

Dinah squeezed him harder, and nipped at his ear. "I could. Or I could leave you here to the tender mercies of the paparazzi, dude."

"No, no! I take it back," he laughed, shivering a bit at the scrape of her teeth on his skin. "You can introduce me to the redhead!"

"Youuu better re-think that, bubba," Dinah said, curving around him to boop his nose, and give him a smirky look as she leaned against him. "I hear the redhead isn't into guys."

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