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Legs, piercing
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham Events Center, Thursday
"This way, Dinah! Over here, tilt your head to the light!"

Dinah had been shivering in the short tunic and boots, until they had her under the lights. Now? She was sweating. And still scanning the crowd, trying to model like she had been all week, and survey the passersby for potential saboteurs at the same time. Not the easiest thing ever.

"Now a few more, sweetheart. That's great!"

She would make a rotten spy. Multi-tasking, bah.

[expecting a few people, but open to phone calls too.]

Karla hung to the sides a bit, off in the shadows where she thought that Dinah wouldn't be able to see her under the bright lights and just watched for awhile. The entire process was fascinating. Though some of the positions Dinah had to assume for the photographer looked kind of...awkward. And contortion-y.

Surely NO ONE would suspect anything of the girl decked out in a hat and sunglasses taking pictures of the set and snickering as the directions were being called out. NOPE! Not at all noticeable.

Sorry Karla, hopefully she won't blow your cover.

No more noticeable than the young man behind her who's face was obscured by the pretty much permanent face-palm.

Because that was so totally going to work.

Fortunately the entire show was chaos, and there were plenty of people who stood out a lot more than this particular trio.

For the most part, and to no one who'd know them, yeah.

To a person who was both bored at being told to lie on her back and make "moody" faces, and looking for saboteurs in between film rolls, they kind of stood out.

Was that...? Oh my god.

Yes, that was a funny picture, that right there.

Karla was pretty much falling over herself giggling by this point. Especially at Dinah's 'sexy pouty face.' She throttled down the urge to catcall and war-whoop, mostly because she didn't want to get thrown out.

But giggling? Absolutely. Catching Jaime's constant face-palming? Just food for more laughter.

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An indeterminate time later....

Dinah was bundled up in a Yves St. Laurent raincoat, finally not freezing, and said, "So how have things been since you got back from, oh, Camelot?" She raised an eyebrow at Karla. "I heard there was framing of bad guys."

Re: An indeterminate time later....

"It barely counts as framing," Karla said with a sniff. "He was horrible and completely had it coming. Though I'd barely gotten home when Sookie needed me to help get Eric-the-vampire's memory back."

Having awkward dates with Warren...


Re: An indeterminate time later....

"Eric-the-vampire?" Dinah opened her bottled water, drank a little, then gave up and said, "I don't remember him. And nooo, not really." She tilted her head, studying Karla's body language. "What's up?"

Re: An indeterminate time later....

"The vampire that helped us with the orgy," Karla said, sounding slightly sour. "And with the crazy vampire king. He's sorta friends with Sookie. Ish. She's kind of on the fence about whether or not she actually likes him."

But he was an ally and Sookie was kind, so they'd helped him when he needed it.

At Dinah's question, Karla's face fell again. "Things are all up in the air with me and Warren still. I'm not sure where we stand at all."

Momoko was trying to get a different angle to shoot from. She was totally NOT in agreement with the people on the set who were complaining about the light; she liked the shadows falling on Dinah's face, it made her seem more mysterious!

Another break in between costumes, and Dinah wandered over, shaking her head. "I so suck at this," she muttered, stretching her arms out. "I mean. I don't know about the photos, but I'm jumping out of my skin."

Momoko snapped another photo ('the real Dinah') then smiled at her. "Why? You seem to be doing okay so far?"

"I keep getting distracted. This is boring. I'm only managing it by thinking, 'must catch saboteur'," Dinah said, swinging her arms in front of her and behind her, finally free to scan the area as closely as she wanted to. "And it doesn't help that I don't have Barbara's voice in my ear to chill me out."

"Have you found any clues?" Momoko asked, proud of herself for not chastising Dinah on how she was ruining the hang and drape of that outfit with her stretching.

"Whoever it is has to know the schedule ahead of time. Yesterday's attempt, the remote control? No one could come up with that on the fly. So it's not someone in the public. It's definitely an inside job," Dinah said, putting her hands on her head, then dropping them when they encountered her hair-sprayed hair.

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