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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Very Early Wednesday morning, Room 712, Unalachtigo Dorm
Another long day. It helped to deal with last week by keeping busy. Classes, Jump Club, studying with Gabby, then crimefighting. It helped to deal with the nightmares, and the grief, and the second-guessing, to do something. She almost had a blank mind, when she went to bed.



There was ...

A disturbance in the force?

A bad feeling?

A something, anyhow, that guided Dinah's dream toward an overstuffed apartment where an old friend sat curled up in a chair.

"Hi," Death said calmly, as if she'd been expecting the visitor. "Want to help me feed the fish? Or we could get pizza."


"Hey." Dinah's smile was wide and pleased. Not quite to the point of being conscious of dreaming, but glad to be where she found herself now. "It's good to see you. And pizza sounds awesome." She looked over at the fish, then loped over to Didi. "How've you been?"


"The usual," Death answered, waving a hand. "Busy. But I was in a dimension today where everything smelled like roses. That didn't suck."

She smiled at Dinah. "It's nice to see you smiling." She hadn't been sure what she'd find on these little visits.


Dinah's smile faded a little, then she picked up the fish food, looking at them circling in the water. "Some days are better than others. Today was a good one. I accomplished things." A stab of memory, and pain as she said that. She took a breath. "You heard, hunh?"

Some of the furniture might have turned bluer with her mood, without her noticing.


"Not so much heard as knew, but ... yeah," Death confirmed, and tapped on a table to make it stop going blue. She had a color scheme here. "It will get easier. Just -- not today."


Dinah's eyes pricked, but she nodded, and held up the fish food. "How much do I give them?" She watched them swirl and said softly, "Jaime missed you lots. Still does. I just hate how unfair it is. You. Raven." She stared at Didi. "Well, you know. You're You."


"Didi did what she was supposed to do," Death answered, sidestepping the sympathy. "And two or three taps will do it. Watch Slim, he gobbles."

She reached to put a light, cool hand on Dinah's arm. "Raven's story isn't over."


Dinah tapped the cylinder twice, and her smile almost came back, watching the fish dive after the flakes.

She turned at Death's touch, and her eyes widened. "But we saw, she turned into light. Energy. After what we did..." Another stab of grief there.

But it didn't feel like a lie. Didi wouldn't, Death wouldn't say that, if she didn't mean it.


"And you think that's enough to kill her forever," Death answered, also watching the fish. "If she were human, and it were a natural death, it would be. But she isn't and it wasn't, so .... the rules are different."


"Oh." Dinah froze, wild hope making her gulp. Relief. Fear it was a mistake-- no. No. Raven had been different her whole life, her soul detaching from her body, so maybe, maybe.

"This isn't just a dream. Is it?" Oh please say it's true, please, oh please. "Do you know where she is? Or going to be?"


"It's ... not not a dream." Which was as precise as Death could get about it.

"And yes, I know. She'll be back on Earth when the time is right." She realized how useless and cryptic she was being, and crinkled her nose. Giving an exact answer wasn't among her gifts, but ..."Not long from now at all. Not even on a mortal scale."


Dinah started laughing, joy and giddy release from the guilt of failing Raven making her reach for Death's hands, wanting to swing her around, twirl, alive alive alive and soon! Soon.

"I can wait! We can all wait! We just-- is there something I should do? To be ready?"


Death, laughing, let herself be swept into the joy of twirling. "You'll know when the time comes," she said. "I promise. Just ... tell your friends, okay? I think Raven wants that."


"I will. Yes! As soon as I wake up." Dinah stopped for breath, then stared at Death -- Didi-- no, Death. But still, some memory of her friend was in there too. "Thank you. So much. You know what this means to us."


"Consider it part of my job," Death said, but she was smiling. Dinah's enthusiasm was especially easy to love. "'Bye, Dinah. Good luck in college."

And then the apartment started to swirl and change, filling with a mist that might turn into another dream as Death faded into the fog.


The fog turned into a bridge in London, turned into a coastline with a roll of gray mist, turned into clouds, with white light shining through silent floating figures that might be angels or ghosts...

...but when Dinah woke up, she still remembered the cozy apartment, and feeding the fish, and Raven was coming back.

Not, not a dream, Death had said.

Someday at the end of her life, she was going to see Death again. It wasn't a scary thought at all.

She'd have to remember to bring her pizza, somehow.

[preplayed with the lovely and awesome living_endless, with approval of trigons_child, OOC=<3, NFB but open for phone calls.]