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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 712, Unalachtigo Dorm, New Gotham University, Monday night
Right. So.

So.... right. Time to be honest, and open, and hey, you've been dating someone two months and known them four months, it's maybe time to mention something about the whole touch-telepathy.


"Sit down. Anywhere. You know. Not Gabby's bed, even if it is tall enough, she wouldn't like that...."

Dinah might have had a more than a few Beaver Buzzes for this conversation.

[for the Stats tutor, but open for phone calls. ]

This sounded... serious.

Which... could be bad.

Kyle tried his best to bury any anxiety (not really doing a great job of it) and plopped himself into the chair at Dinah's desk.

"Wouldn't want to piss Gabby off. Her revenge would be epic, wouldn't it?"

"Prolonged. Intense. Complicated. Possibly involving fire ants," Dinah had to agree.

She took a breath, then took another. "So, yeah. Something to tell you. Which. I hope you'll take it okay. I mean, it's okay if you don't!... you're entitled to your opinion."

He'd be cool about it. Wouldn't he? Had to be. He was a good guy.

"About me. That I didn't tell before. Because...." Um?

Oh, crap.

She was gay, wasn't she?

Kyle tried to keep the crestfallen look off of his face. "Hey, it's okay. We're friends, right? You can tell me."

"Kinda hoped we were a little more than friends..." What was he thinking? Gaaah.

Dinah took a breath, then reached for his hand. If he freaked out, at least she'd know.

So. Um. It would be obvious her lips weren't moving. And that the sound was coming form inside his head. How do you feel about metas?

It actually took five seconds of so for Kyle to realize what had just happened. His eyes snapped wide and his hand jerked back as if burned.

"What was that?"

"Me." Dinah tried not to sound crushed, wondered if that was too much information. "Um. I'm a meta." She swallowed. "And a touch-telepath. But I haven't used it on you before this, ever."

...except for maybe, a little bleed over from him on one or two kisses. She'd been very careful not to let it go the other way, though.

Kyle finally blinked.


"Not what you expected, hunh." Dinah knotted her fingers together, chewing her lower lip. She tried to wait, tried to give him time. "Kinda freaky?"

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A while later....

Dinah was lying face-up on her futon, batting at the mobiles over her head with her telekinesis. Three. Four. Five spinning.

They all froze when the door opened.

Re: A while later....

"You're so going to freak out the RA doing that, one of these days," Gabby said, bounding in and shutting the door behind her, then climbing up on her head. She studied Dinah's face. "You told him."

Re: A while later....

"Yup." Dinah spun one of the mobiles again, not looking at Gabby. "He had to go think about stuff."

Re: A while later....

Gabby was quiet as Dinah set another mobile in motion. "Look. He'll come around. He's just in shock. The way anyone is." She watched Dinah make a face. "He's a good guy."

Re: A while later....

"Yeah." Dinah swallowed, sounding tired to her own ears. "I just get sick of this conversation, you know?" She glanced over at Gabby, then half-smiled. "Well, yeah. You do know."

Re: A while later....

"Yeah. And it's better you tell him now, and find out if he can handle it or not." Gabby pulled her legs up on the bed, sitting tailor-style. "You don't have to wonder any more."

Re: A while later....

"True." Either he'd be normal in a couple days, or... he wouldn't. It still hurt, though. As much as it made her angry, if he was really going to reject her. What's there to think about? I'm the same girl who was kissing him before Christmas, why does he need to go away and process?

Petty. Not fair. But still. "I didn't even tell him about the telekinesis yet. Or the dreams." Maybe she should have. Just ripped the band-aid off.

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