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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Friday night, The Clocktower
After a very successful patrol (with two assaults thwarted, a robbery broken up, and a stolen car chased down, wheee!) Dinah and Helena were now eating ice cream with Barbara, and talking over options for Sunday night's patrol

Dinah had missed any phone funny stuff, and hadn't heard from anyone since talking to Tony and Karla yesterday.
Hmm, maybe she should call people...

[expecting one, but yes, still open for insanity]

Or maybe she would be getting a phone message that was totally not meant for her.

"Uhm. That's totally not funny and totally totally inappropriate, I agree. I wouldn't talk about... that with you and totally wouldn't suggest you buy anything at a... that kind of shop."

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Dinah got the message, forking rice into her mouth, and frowned at the phone, confused.

"What's up?" Helena asked.

"Think Momoko hit the wrong speed-dial button," Dinah said, not sure *who* Momoko was trying to contact, but curious about what was up.

So she called back.


Momoko was curled up on her bed, fiddling with her cute plushy transforming robots from Santa and still mulling over Jaime's voicemail. She thought about not picking up the phone, but she totally had a bunch of other stuff to talk to Dinah about anyway.

"Diiinah! Hi! Happy first Friday of the year!" Her voice was perky with only a small bit of effort.

"Hey, Momoko. Just got the weirdest message from you," Dinah said, trying to figure out Momoko's mood. Very, very different from the one two minutes ago. "Who's been saying inappropriate stuff to you? I think you hit the wrong button."

"Inappropriate? Inapp... Ah! Bruce! He called earlier and told me some stuff and I thought I was calling him back. I got you instead? That's totally weird! I wanted to talk to you about him!"

"Okay, so you got confused about which one of us you called," Dinah said, accepting that. "And dude, are you sure it was Bruce? He never struck me as the inappropriate type."

At all. Aaaack. BAD IMAGES. Go 'way!

"It sounded like him? And he was talking about..." Momoko clutched the phone and looked around the room, taking EXTREME care in checking for squirrels at the window... "sex shops. Totally weird, since we've only really talk-talked at the welcome picnic a few days ago."

"Why didn't you warn me he was from Gotham, too, by the way?"

Something was tickling at Dinah's brain there. "What on Earth was he trying to say? Where was that coming from?"

She shook her head and took a breath. "Oh, wow. Well, I thought you knew. The Wayne family name is all over the place here, and you did visit, but..." Yeeeeah. "It's so weird. It's the time thing. He's from our past. I don't want stuff to get back to him, and freak him out too bad."

"I totally didn't make the connection until he said he was from there." Momoko nodded. "That's what he said, too. That he didn't want to know the future. I'm just glad I figured it out before I said anything! I mean, I only meant to ask him about the giant robot Roy had mentioned and then it all came out. Ah!"

She fiddled with a plushy 'wheel'. "Uhm, also? I think I kind of messed up with Roy. I'm sorry. I didn't know I had to be careful what I said, then."

"I should have told you, but... I get so turned around, what's okay to tell people, what isn't, and Bruce... well. The first time I met him, I blurted out that my uncle knew him when he was a lot younger, and her remembered meeting him." Dinah rubbed her head, and went out onto the Clocktower terrace, not wanting Helena to hear the rest of this conversation.

"I think Bruce is from at least twenty-five years in my past. He'd be like, fifty, here and now." She grimaced. "And how did you mess up with Roy? Do you mean that one time we went to Baltimore, or something else?"

"Twenty five years?!" Wow! Momoko made a note to basically not talk about anything with Bruce ever. Everything she knew was in his future!

"Ah. No. This was just after the thing with the maze? We met up in town and I made a joke about there being a lot of Robins? And he kept saying there was only one so I said, well, there were two on the island and he totally got mad and went on about how that meant a friend lied to him..." Momoko was totally sure he knew one of the Robins, but now she didn't know what Dinah knew...

This being over a week ago, and Dinah's life being as frenzied as it was, she'd almost forgotten that already.

"Oh, man, that. Yeah. He yelled at me a lot a couple weeks ago about that. Mostly because... I'm not sure why? I think he was pissed at one of the Robins. Not you, or me. Well, a little bit me..."

"Ah. Why would he be mad at you? I'm the one who told him."

"Because I didn't tell him, as far as I could work out." Dinah paused. "No, it doesn't make sense to me either. I think somewhere there's a Robin who has some 'splaining to do to Roy, but he can't get a hold of him to yell loud enough."

"That's totally crazy." Momoko rolled her eyes. "So he's from the past, too? I knew he was from your world from when we fought Shiva. Is there anyone here I can talk to anymore?" She was joking, but kind of serious. This was hard to keep straight.

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