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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham University, Deidre Wayne Performance Hall, Wednesday evening
"It is as easy to count atomies
as to resolve the propositions of a lover;
but take a taste of my finding him,
and relish it with good observance:
I found him under a tree, like a dropp'd acorn."

Dinah snickered on-stage, having way too much fun mocking Orlando, and Rosalind, and the whole lovestruck cast tonight.

Possibly made happier because she turned in her last paper of the week (FREE! FREE! FREEEEE!) and was now just looking forward to the last performance, Jason and Tim showing up, and holidays with her family.


[for any attending Dinah's last performance. And I wish my grading were already as done as her papers.]

Karla had spent her last day before Christmas at Sookie's very productively: shopping, dropping off gifts, and, most importantly, catching a portal to catch Dinah's play. It was only fair to return a surprise, right? Well, as much of as surprise as was possible, considering Dinah had told her the dates and location...

And so Karla was there, laughing along with the audience, a bouquet of yellow roses waiting for Dinah once the play was over.

Lambie-toes got loose again, but this being the last performance, Dinah just laughed as it made a break through the audience during the bows, and got lost in the crowd. Then bowed again as the curtain was left up, applauding the orchestra, the crew, everyone else taking bows...

And finally hanging out on the edge of the stage, legs swinging, and poking Oliver around Rosalind, who looked long-suffering.

And up stormed a now-grumpy Karla carrying a bouquet of ten roses and two mangled stems. "Your sweater on legs just ate my bouquet!" she grouched. "Well, your bouquet."

"Awwwwww! Thank you! And... bad, bad lambie!" Dinah called into the audience.


Dinah offered Karla a hug, laughing. "I'm just glad you made it! Yes!"

"You sound like I would have missed this for the world," Karla said, handing Dinah the roses and then wrapping her in a hug. "Even if your lamb did chew on my flowers."

Karla had been too busy laughing to originally notice what had happened to her bouquet. "Who decided to use a real lamb anyway? Who cleans up after him?"

Dinah squeezed her back, still thrilled, and giggling at the slightly chomped roses.

"Our poor stage manager Valerie. Who's having a rougher time of it than Tony *ever* did, although we try not to make her job any harder than it has to be," Dinah admitted, and sighed. "So glad you could still get here, though. Oh oh oh, Kyle's around here! Somewhere! You have to meet him!"

Well, to be fair, the only live animals Tony ever had to stage-manage for were of the sapient, talking variety. Also: housebroken.

"Oooh, Kyle?" Karla teased. "Cute stats tutor? Darn right I get to meet him! Can Has Helena already threatened him or do I get to?"

Valerie was getting a certificate of Sainthood from the cast at the after-party.

Dinah squeaked and flailed a little. "No! She hasn't met him yet! And you don't have to threaten him! Really! He's sweet. Sweet!"

Also tall, and a very good kisser by this point. "He helped with the toy drive yesterday!"

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Raven wouldn't miss Dinah's performance if she could help it, of course, so she made it tonight after finishing her wrapping and packing for the trip tomorrow.

"Raven!" Dinah saw her and bounced over, weaving in between shepherds, wrestlers, and the occasional clown, and beamed, arms out for a hug. "You're heeeere! I missed you!"

Edited at 2010-12-23 02:34 am (UTC)

"Of course I did," Raven smiled, moving into the hug. "I would not miss it."

Dinah squeezed her and picked her up a little on the bounce, then let her go, beaming. "There's a party here, nothing big, just eggnog and cookies, you can hang around while the crew guys break things down." She swung Raven's hand in hers, smiling. "And you can meet Kyle! He's around. Probably got roped into finding Lambie-toes."

"I do not have to rush back immediately," Raven said, squeezing Dinah's hand. "I can stay for awhile. But who is Lambie-toes?"

A teeny "BAAA!" of distress from the orchestra pit probably answered that question. Dinah's eyes got wide. "Uh-oh." She peered over, and pointed downward at the distressed-looking lamb. "She is. Poor thing."

"Oh, no!" Raven said. "I can sense she is very frightened. We must get her some place quiet and safe."

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