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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham University, Deidre Wayne Performance Hall, Tuesday evening
"No jewel is like Rosalinde.
Her worth, being mounted on the wind,
Through all the world bears Rosalinde.
All the pictures fairest lin'd
Are but black to Rosalinde.
Let no face be kept in mind
But the fair of Rosalinde.'..."

Dinah yawned in the wings, and waited for her cue to go on. She'd been waiting a while. Tech rehearsals were a drag. Earlier phone calls to Karla and Jaime had only killed so much time today.

"Yellow! I said yellow! You're making Rosalind look like a tomato!"

... yeah, this could take a while.

[for a certain ex-Speedy, but open for other calls or texts.]

So Roy had--well, no, he hadn't gotten over his mad, but he was willing to act like less of a bitch.

So Dinah's phone was ringing.

Dinah had it set low, so she could still hear the Robin Hood theme that was Roy's, and slipped out a side-door to answer.

"Hey! Are you still mad, and are you alive and okay? I'm guessing yes to both."

"Well, I wouldn't be able to call you if I was dead," Roy pointed out.

Considering that he could still draw a bow and shoot pretty much at what he was aiming at while high as a kite and-slash-or bleeding out, 'okay' as a rubric for whether or not he was able to make a phone call wasn't really sound, but he wasn't going to point that out because saying things like that tended to freak people out.

"You could be resurrected. On that island, anything's possible," Dinah said, wandering along the back loading dock in her Celia costume. "On the other hand, I think I'm just glad you called... even if it's to yell at me about something Robin-related."

"So apparently," Roy said in a breezy, dangerous sort of voice, "there are multiple Robins on this island. And none of them are the guy who should be Robin, because believe me, I'd know if he was here. And you knew about this."

Dinah facepalmed, muttering "Momoko, argh" under her breath. She considered a second, then cautiously said, "Yes. To the multiple Robins. I'd say they'd all say they were the ones who *should* be him, you know."

"Well, you'll have to excuse me if I disagree." Meow.

"Well, sure. You know Dick really well, and the other guys, not at all..." She paused. "I didn't think you wanted to know this stuff, though? Maybe-possibly-I'm-not-sure future stuff?"

"I don't--I--" Roy made a frustrated noise, accompanied by throwing the hand not holding the phone up, not that Dinah could see that. "Why does no one get this?"

"'Cause-- I don't know. What am I not getting?" Dinah asked, bewildered. "Are you mad I knew, mad I didn't tell you, mad that other guys are sometimes Robin, what? Spell it out, assume I'm blonder than usual today, if it's that obvious!"

"Were you just laughing at me all along, oh, haha, Roy, he has no idea?"

Rationally, Roy knew this made no sense, but still.

"What? No!" Anyone else, Dinah would say, Are you on drugs? But of course, that couldn't be a joke with Roy.

"Okay, fine, here, have some truth: in my world, other guys were Robin after Dick. He changed his code name. There. Happy?"

"Yeah?" Roy asked. "And how many of those guy were going to school with us, Dinah?"

"You really want to know?" she asked. "'Cause last time I started telling you stuff, you flailed at me. Big with the flail, Roy. Didn't want to hear about my sister, or, you know. Stuff in New Gotham. Which isn't Gotham. But. I'll tell you how many. I don't have permission to tell you who. Any more than I'd tell them who you were."

"I actually figured one of them out already, thanks, it didn't take rocket science once freaking Momoko bought me a clue."

And the whole reason it didn't take rocket science corresponded exactly to why he was reacting like an irrational jackass. Hint: it had nothing to do with any Robins other than the first one.

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