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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Roof of Unalachtigo Dorm, Gotham University, New Gotham, Friday night
Another Friday, another date with Kyle, this time to see the latest animated superhero movie. Was it wrong that Dinah kind of thought the evil mastermind was adorable?

After last week's concentration of phone calls, texts, and sorting-out of fights, it had been... nice, to be quiet for a while, and catch up on schoolwork and New Gotham stuff.

There was going to be crimefighting tomorrow night, but for now, Dinah wanted a little more alone time than her room could provide, so she was up on the roof, playing with her phone and her iPod. And considering some rappelling, sure. Texting tonight wasn't the same thing.

[going to be a linkdrop, but open for phone calls & texts]

"The vampire who orchestrated her abduction will not be a problem, I do not think," Raven said, shuddering at the memory of the charred vampire. She couldn't help but wonder what Eric had planned for him now. "Though there may be a danger of another seeking to claim Sookie for the same reason, whatever that may be. We are going to attempt to discover what it is they want from her. If we know that, we will be better prepared to protect her."

"Not really anything I know anything about," Dinah said with regret. "But if you guys do need more muscle, if this happens again, call me, will you? I'm only a portal away. Even if Portalocity makes that more of an uncertainty than it has to." She grimaced. "And tell Jono to give you an extra hug. I know how that had to unnerve you."

"I would certainly feel safer with you there," Raven said. Better Dinah than Emma any day. "I do not like dealing with vampires at all. I understand some are different, but most are untrustworthy and dangerous, and that includes those in Sookie's world."

She relaxed a little and smiled. "I do not think Jono will mind giving me a hug for you," she said.

"Predators," Dinah said, thinking back to what she'd been for a little while last year, "don't have the same goals as normal people. So, yeah. Even if they're sane, civilized, smart vampires... we're still food to them." She winced. "And please try to forget I said that."

She grinned. "Yeeeah, didn't think that would be a problem. You go hug him too. And call me when you figure out what performance you want to see, okay? So I can get you tickets."

Raven shuddered a little, rubbing the side of her neck. It wasn't so much the memory of her own bites she was feeling but the lingering echo of what she'd healed from Sookie. She still felt a sharp pain there, though she tried to ignore it.

"Should I speak to Karla?" she said, trying to shake the feeling off. "I assume you will invite her as well?" They could double date!

"Sure. We've talked a couple times since Kaeleer now. I think things are good." She smiled a little wryly. "Although she might still yell at me, off and on. But I'd love to have her there too-- the last time I told her about it was way back in September, I think."

"I will talk to her then," Raven said. "Perhaps we can find a time to go together."

"Yaaay." Dinah smiled, relaxed. "If they invite alumni to the New Year's stuff, I'll see you guys then as well. Otherwise, could you stay safe? Please? .. if you can. I know it's not totally in your control."

"I have been doing my best," Raven promised. "Though when a friend is in need I cannot refuse to do whatever I can to help. But I do not seek out danger." It just usually found her.

It was like her destiny!

"I know. Well --" Dinah had been about to say something about how visiting Gotham should be safe, but considering the kidnappings last time... no. "Anyway. Call me when you guys figure out a date, or dates, if you want to stay somewhere for a day or so and really look around. Otherwise, I'll talk to you in another week or so, I hope?"

Hopefully no badly-dressed supervillains with outrageous accents would make themselves known this time. "Of course," she said. "I will talk to Karla and let you know...and also tell you how the date went." Bluuuush.

Dinah giggled, back to vicarious glee. "I'll have my fingers crossed for you!"