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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Roof of Unalachtigo Dorm, Gotham University, New Gotham, Friday night
Another Friday, another date with Kyle, this time to see the latest animated superhero movie. Was it wrong that Dinah kind of thought the evil mastermind was adorable?

After last week's concentration of phone calls, texts, and sorting-out of fights, it had been... nice, to be quiet for a while, and catch up on schoolwork and New Gotham stuff.

There was going to be crimefighting tomorrow night, but for now, Dinah wanted a little more alone time than her room could provide, so she was up on the roof, playing with her phone and her iPod. And considering some rappelling, sure. Texting tonight wasn't the same thing.

[going to be a linkdrop, but open for phone calls & texts]

"Eeee!" Non-sonic Eeee! But still very happy. "Yeah, you guys could handle the usual Gotham mugger pretty easily anyway.... Oh! Oh oh they have horse-drawn carriages! Which is way more romantic than rickshaws, those are always so cramped." Dinah sighed happily. "I'm so glad for you. You know? You've been so hurt, and ... lonely. I'm thrilled good things are happening for you with him now."

"I am hopeful," Raven said as she felt a warm contented feeling go through her. "I know he does not feel as deeply for me as I do for him, and I know it is still very soon after losing Didi, but...I am happy."

"Yeah, but..." Dinah thought about the situation with her and Jaime, and then regretfully of Didi. Who was made of awesome, and win, but-- really, truly not coming back.

"It is soon. But you know all this going in. And so does Jono. What's too soon? Another year? Six months? Now?" She shook her head. "If it's real, and you're okay with him missing her-- I think it can work out." She hoped so, anyway. It was too soon to talk long-term, obviously.

"I would be worried if he did not miss her," Raven said truthfully. "I know how much he cared for her, and how her loss affected him. And I know he feels guilty about possibly finding some happiness with another." She had guilt issues of her own, but not as strong as his.

"Hearts are complicated." Which was the main thing Dinah had taken away from that conversation with 'Dite, yes. "I'm still not totally over Jaime, but, I'm dating Kyle. Which isn't the same, I'm not mourning Jaime's death, but... you guys have known each other longer, so. You were already friends." She was quiet. "And frankly, Fandom messes with you, you know? You can't go backwards."

"I have learned that, yes," Raven said. "I would never have imagined that love could hurt, but now I know it does. It is much more complex than I ever knew. But I have cared for Jono for a very long time -- I just did not allow myself to dwell on it before."

"So you guys are gonna take it slow? Ish?" Dinah asked. She smiled. "And see what happens?" She tilted her head. "Did you ever get a chance to talk to Andy? Or did he just ... do a fade?"

"The beginning was not slow at all," Raven said, feeling another blush creep on to her cheeks. "That was the influence of the island, but...I would not mind it happening again. It was very enjoyable." To say the least.

She frowned a little as she went on. "I had wanted very much to talk to Andy but he seems to have left the island. I have not heard anything from him in several weeks."

Dinah wondered if she should be all Voice of Reason here, and say things about being sure, but... that was really Jono's job, and if he thought he knew what he was doing, anything Dinah said might sound like an insult. And she really *did* hope these two could make it work.

"Better than Chuck?" she teased, certain that much was the case. "Awwww... And that is too bad, that Andy's gone. I hope he takes it okay if he comes back and all. But disappearing without saying good-bye-- that's a reason to move on, really."

"I already knew things were not working with Andy," Raven said with a sad sigh. "I do not wish to be greedy for attention but I so rarely saw him. And I also struggled with feelings for others. But I wish I had had the chance to speak to him and make certain we could still be friends."

She sighed again, this time more happily, and flopped down on her bed. "It was very nice," she said. "Yes, better than with Chuck. We were able to use our gifts together so that I could feel him kissing me, and he could feel me kissing him." Empathy ruled.

"Yeah. If you have to break up with someone, that's the way to go." Even though you might need a huge break before that happened.

"Ohhh, that sounds awesome," Dinah said with a dreamy sigh. "And yay! That's just-- really cool, that you guys can work that out. I-- kinda loved that, being with Jak. That he was okay with it." Being with Jaime had been waaay more complicated. She smiled. "You guys are so lucky to find someone who's okay with all the non-standard parts of you. So cool."

"I have never cared that Jono is different," Raven said. It was probably in part what drew her to him originally. "And he knows what is inside me but he is not afraid of me." They were both way more afraid of themselves than each other.

"A million skillion times better than Chuck." Even if it didn't work out forever. "I'm glad he's not scared of you... and hey." Dinah tilted her head back to look at the stars. "Maybe love will make all those things you're scared of back off. Maybe it'll make you stronger."

"He cares for me," Raven murmured. "It was not just an emotionless moment of pleasure for him, and that made all the different to me. And I do feel stronger when I think of him. In Kaeleer -- he helped me because I could feel him with me."

Eeee! And vicarious dance of joy for Raven, too. Dinah calmed down and said, "Cool. I mean it. Really really cool." She sighed. "How are you feeling now, by the way? It's been almost three weeks-- are you all recovered?"

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