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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Roof of Unalachtigo Dorm, Gotham University, New Gotham, Friday night
Another Friday, another date with Kyle, this time to see the latest animated superhero movie. Was it wrong that Dinah kind of thought the evil mastermind was adorable?

After last week's concentration of phone calls, texts, and sorting-out of fights, it had been... nice, to be quiet for a while, and catch up on schoolwork and New Gotham stuff.

There was going to be crimefighting tomorrow night, but for now, Dinah wanted a little more alone time than her room could provide, so she was up on the roof, playing with her phone and her iPod. And considering some rappelling, sure. Texting tonight wasn't the same thing.

[going to be a linkdrop, but open for phone calls & texts]

The sad thing about phones was you couldn't tell that, unfortunately, so Dinah said, "Good! I just got back from the movies with Kyle. Superhero cartoon for the win. And this week has been way quiet compared to the last couple... Hey, do you think you could get to New Gotham, one of the middle two weeks of next month?"

"I do not think that will be a problem," Raven said. "Why, what will be going on?"

"I'm in the play here at Gotham U those two weeks; another Shakespeare play. I know it's getting close to Finals for you guys, but if you could make it, and stay for a visit?" Dinah coaxed. "That would be awesome."

"I think I should be able to arrange for that," Raven smiled. "I would be pleased to see you in another play. Which one is it this time?" Hopefully not a tragedy.

"The Forest of Arden(As You Like It). I'm playing the heroine's best friend, who goes off with her into exile when my evil dad kicks her out of town. And pretends to be a shepherdess." She grinned. "Without real sheep, although a couple cast members keep threatening to find some."

"It is a sad story then?" Raven said, biting at her lip. She'd still go see it, of course, but she preferred happier tales.

"Oh, no! There's crossdressing and mistaken identity and true love, and a happily ever after. And my character gets to fall in love at first sight!" Dinah chortled. "Much easier than the last play. So you think you can make it?"

"Of course," Raven said, more pleased with the storyline now. "Would you mind if I brought a date?"

"Noooo, of course you can bring a date." Dinah grinned. "Can I ask who?"

Andy, or... someone else?

Raven blushed, not that Dinah could see it. "Jono," she murmured. "That is actually why I wished to call you. We are going to visit Gotham -- my Gotham -- this Saturday, and I thought perhaps you might know of something interesting for us to do there, something that might likely span both our worlds."

"Ahh!" Dinah got up to bounce a little, because it was imperative, and said, "If I do, you have to give me details! What's going on? Are you guys dating now? And I can think of three things off the top of my head that you guys should like!"

"We have been spending time together recently," Raven said, still blushing. "Last week Fandom was once again affecting those of us who lived here to make us become very amorous, and Jono and I...." Dot dot dotted. "But I spoke to him when the affect was gone, and we did not regret what happened."

"Yay!" This was as good as Karla's 'we said I love you' good news of last weekend. "Yes! Oh, that's awesome. I'm glad that week made things ..." dot dot dot? "...happen for you guys." She beamed. "Okay, let's see, um, Amusement Mile? It's a boardwalk with games and rides and really good carnival food. That's one thing. And Robinson Park usually has buskers and street players in the evenings, if you guys want to take a walk with music...."

"Both of those sound intriguing," Raven said. Minus the carnival food because that wouldn't appeal to Jono, of course. "I think the music would be especially enjoyable. And hopefully nothing like the Brotherhood of Evil will happen this time."

"Seriously! I am so glad we don't have them here. Or at least, maybe they're calling themselves something else. The League of Villains, I don't know. Oh! And Vauxhall Opera Shell and Concert Hall-- they don't just do opera, they have rock too. You could get online, check their schedule, see what's up." She grinned and then frowned, shaking her head. "But you won't head to Crime Alley or the docks, right? Maybe I should send you a map of things to avoid..."

Which was, basically: downtown Gotham. Ahem.

"...although if bad guys showed up, hopefully your Batman or Batgirl or Huntress would be there to kick their asses too."

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