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Smileysmile, headtilt
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Outside CurbStomp, New Gotham, Wednesday afternoon
After classes (which were good) and coffee with Kyle (even better), Dinah had gone to her favorite dojo, and had a really awesome workout.

Even if someone had asked her why she wanted to kick ass so much, and without thinking she'd cheerfully said, "To beat up bad guys." Like anyone was there for their cardio health. Ha!

So now Dinah was balanced on the wall outside the dojo, considering more ass-kicking tonight.

[open for calls & texts to an as-yet-oblivious-to-weirdness Canary]

Momoko was on her stomach on her bed, humming and flipping through the free comic she'd gotten at Halloween as she waited for Dinah to answer her phone.

"Dinah Lance, crimefighter and college student!" she answered, seeing the Caller ID. "Hey, kōhai. How's your Wednesday?"

"Sempai!" Momoko cheered at her. "My Wednesday's been boring and normal, so far. Just theater rehearsals, and gun club. Yours?"

"Good! Good class. Good coffee-date with Kyle, 'cause we are dating now, he's okay with maybe being Rebound Guy, and good work out at the dojo." She grinned and did a cartwheel, not dropping the phone. "You should visit again soon!"

"Eeeeeee! That's awesome, Dinah! I'm so happy for you! Kyle's really nice and sweet." Momoko closed the comic, grinning madly. "Tell him I say hi, okay? And of course I'm coming to visit again! Why wouldn't I? I totally had fun! Plus I got to attend classes and not take the quizzes!"

"Aww, thanks. He is, isn't he? And smart! I really like how smart he is. It's a thing for me. Even if I'm tougher than him. But that's okay, he's from Metropolis."

Dinah bounced to her toes and said, "Ooo, maybe Thanksgiving? Food! Lots of food!"

"Fooood! Totally, if Ms Barbara and Ms Helena will have me."

"Why is it okay that he's from Metropolis?" Momoko asked, a bit confused. "And I totally know what you mean about smart guys. Even though it kind of makes me feel dumber talking to them, they're just usually too cute and shy to resist, right?"

"Nobody from Metropolis is as tough as someone from Gotham," Dinah said easily. "They have Superman there to save everyone all the time. He's incredibly awesome. But they don't learn dirty fighting. And yes! Smart guys are so cute, and they don't know it! And they can hold a conversation!" She sighed. "I had a crush on Mr. Hot Algren because of that. He sounded very smart at the drug assembly. Well, that and the abs."

... if Dinah were thinking, she might remember the last time she called him that.

"You had a crush on Professor Algren?" Momoko couldn't stop the giggling. "Well, okay. He was totally nice and cute. And he speaks Japanese perfectly, which was awesome, but actually made me feel a bit more homesick than usual."

Wait, she hadn't meant to say that.

"I did! And I called him that to his face!" Dinah snickered. "He wasn't even mad at me. That's how nice he was. And awwwwwwwww." She sighed. "Are you going to go back again before break, maybe?"

"I don't plan to," Momoko shook her head. "When I go home, now, it doesn't feel the same. I get homesick, but I think it's mostly for how things were when I was younger? I love Tokyo City, but going home sometimes makes the homesickness worse, you know?"

"Yeah, I do," Dinah said, very very grateful that New Gotham was exactly the way she remembered it, and that she was still exploring new parts of it. "I'm sorry, Momoko. That doesn't seem fair. Things should stay the way you want them. I'm never going back to Missouri, but I get it."

"They totally should." Momoko sighed. "I don't know if it's because it's changed or if I have, though. Coming to Fandom Island and meeting everyone, learning new things have all changed me."

She shook her head, trying to get rid of the moodies that had suddenly invaded the conversation. "So! You totally sound good. Tell me more about your date with Ky~y~y~y~le."

"It does that. I think it made me more me, you know? Just a little faster. I hope."

Dinah laughed. "Not a lot to tell! We did homework. We drank coffee. We surfed the internet for a movie to go to this weekend. We kept surfing for downloads that Kyle doesn't have, and I stole a kiss when he got too into the iPod site and he looked googly-eyes for an hour after." Well, that was a lot of detail. "I'm his first girrrrrlfriend!"

"Eh? That's totally sweet! Oh! Did he blush? I bet he looked so cute!" Momoko sighed happily. "Ah ah. I wish I'd seen it. I am totally addicted to seeing boys blush."

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