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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Wired Coffee Shop, New Gotham, Sunday afternoon
The coffee shop next to campus had a good wi-fi connection, and Dinah had a communications paper due on Tuesday. Also, they had Beaver Buzz. Therefore this was her place, when she had to give Gabby space to discuss the relationship with Serena.

Also she might have been waiting for someone who'd said he'd help her with the Stats midterm.

[for that one, open for phone calls too]

Someone had, indeed, said that very thing. And now he was standing in the doorway looking a bit awkward as his eyes scanned the room for the cute girl he was helping with Stats.

Dinah got to the end of a paragraph and looked up, then grinned and raised her can of Buzz high, so Kyle could pick her out in the corner booth. "Over here!"

He caught sight of her just before she called out, and grinned. He threaded his way through the other tables until he was close enough to talk without yelling. "Hey, Dinah."

"Hey. Having a good weekend?" She scooted over a little to give him room, and saved her paper. "And did you figure out the last three problems on the take-home? Because I'm staring at them wondering if I missed more classes than just last week's."

"I think I got the first two," Kyle said as he slid into the space she opened up (though he was careful not to sit too close...) "And I might be halfway through figuring out the third one? Maybe?"

He shrugged. "I was thinking we could work on that together..." If she didn't mind.

"Cool." Dinah beamed and pulled out her other Stats paper, criss-crossed with erasures and corrections. She was going to have to run off a clean copy to turn in something decent on Wednesday. She sent a sneaking look at Kyle, biting her lip. "Do you want some coffee? I should buy. Since, you know. I asked you here and all."

See. Almost... date-like. Maybe. Sort of.

Kyle blinked. Then smiled a dorky little smile.

"Coffee sounds great." Really great.

"Cool. Be right back." That was a cute smile. And she should've asked him what kind, but, it was coffee. And this wasn't Starbucks. They pretty much ran to Jet Fuel and Intensive Nuclear Anti-matter coffee.

Dinah came back with another Buzz for herself, and a jet-fuel type coffee for Kyle, and put it down in front of him. "Thanks for doing this. And taking notes for me last week." Her expression sobered a bit, remembering why she'd missed a week ago Friday. "I appreciate it."

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After the movie--which had her laughing and throwing popcorn--Karla finally remembered to check her phone. And found Dinah's message from a week ago.

Listening to it, Karla was at a loss to respond. She was still angry, but that anger was mixed with guilt and hurt and a realization that Dinah was right and she'd been wrong.

For a minute, she debated not returning the call, but her thumb was already pressing Dinah's number.

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Dinah saw the number on the phone, and her breath froze for a second, then she hit the TALK button fast enough to bruise her finger.

"Hey. Karla?"

"Hey," Karla said, her throat seeming to work of its own accord. "I'm--" Okay, she couldn't quite bring herself to apologize. "I would have called earlier, but I was an Arcerian cat for the past weekend."

"Warren told me. I called to check on him too. And Raven. " Dinah swallowed. "He said he was taking good care of you. Sounded a little worn out. I sent him a care package." Take a breath, Dinah. "How are you feeling now?"

"I had the steaks," Karla said. "They were good. And I nested on the blanket a bit."

Darkness. It was so awkward being this...awkward.

"Feeling a bit better. Cats spend most of their time eating and sleeping, so I've gained some weight back. Still easily tired out, though. You?"

"That's good," Dinah said, hoping that didn't sound too earnest, no matter how relieved she was to hear it. "I mean. That you're feeling better." She swallowed. "It was rough when I got back. But I'm doing... okay." Not great. Not good. She looked over at Kyle, then had to smile, just a little more. "Things are looking up, actually."

She took a breath. Then another. Then chickened out, at least halfway. "So. Heard from Morton or you family, since...?"

"No," Karla said, running her hand through her hair. "I think they're giving me a bit of time to settle."

She glanced at the stack of envelopes on her desk. "Though I have the letters from Uncle Saetan to hand out. They explain a few things. I think."

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