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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham, very late Sunday night
Dinah had gotten back to the Clocktower, cried all over Barbara again, told Helena she wasn't allowed to track Jaime down and punch him, then gotten out of costume and collapsed on the couch.

He had to come back. Right? Didn't he? His stuff was still here... maybe he wanted to avoid her enough to just catch a portal and ask Barbara to mail it, though....

[for weldedtomyspine, but open for other phone calls before then]

Txt from Momo to Dinah, Hallowe'en

Somewhere in town, Momoko realized she hadn't told Dinah about her costume. She found some good lighting, set down her bag of candy, and pulled out her phone to take a picture.

Dinah Dinah! Happy Halloween! Look! too cold for belly-dancer so am super spy! Miss Helena would be proud?

Re: Txt from Momo to Dinah, Hallowe'en

Dinah got the text, smiled at the picture, and then teared up.

She would! You look awesome.

She sent a photo of herself as the New Gotham Fairy Godmother, and then:

Kind of a sucky night. Sorry. Not v. perky.

Re: Txt from Momo to Dinah, Hallowe'en

So cute!!

Momoko gleed over the first txt and the photo. Then came the second

Why? no good candy? Someone have the same costume?

Re: Txt from Momo to Dinah, Hallowe'en

Fight w/Jaime. He took off. Didn't want me around.

Dinah gulped, typed: Complicated. Stupid.

Re: Txt from Momo to Dinah, Hallowe'en

Momoko read the txt, then picked up her bags and moved to a nearby bench.

He never would mean that. it was just a fight. Are you okay?

Re: Txt from Momo to Dinah, Hallowe'en

Didn't say it. Just could tell. I'm not OK at all.

Dinah rubbed her eyes on her sleeve, and sent:

Not sure he's coming back here 2nite.

Re: Txt from Momo to Dinah, Hallowe'en

Momoko stared for a moment, then,

He will. If I have to fly him back, he will. I can try to get a portal and come visit? have a girls night!


I've got snickers?

What did you fight about? Want to talk about it?

This time Jaime came up on the elevator rather than in by the balcony. His shoulders were slumped and he wasn't even sure what he was going to do when the doors slid open.

And then they did, and he was just standing there.

Dinah was sitting on the big couch, eyes watching the TV without seeing it, then blinking as the elevator door opened.

He was back. In one piece still, which, she'd expected. Not looking... exactly okay.

Dinah got to her feet, standing uncertainly.

Jaime saw her. Which only contributed to her continuing to stand there...

What did she want from him?

"I'm sorry." She'd had time to work out this much. "For dumping all that on you." Dinah's hands twisted together. "I didn't mean to, until I was already doing it."

For a moment he just stood there, then he shrugged awkwardly. Still not saying anything.

What could he say, anyway?

Oh God. She'd really, really messed this up, hadn't she?

Dinah couldn't look at him, so she stared at the wall next to him and cleared her throat. It kept wanting to close. 'I didn't mean it' would be kind of a lie. 'I didn't meant to hurt you' wouldn't be, but... kind of stupid. 'Are you mad?', same.

"I thought you wouldn't care," she whispered instead. "I thought you'd say..." What?

"Well..." He trailed off with another shrug.

Because they both k new how that'd turned out.

Dinah finally sat down, hugging herself. Yeah. Why hadn't she asked Jaime, why had she just assumed-- well, because he kept saying and saying how the break-up was a good thing, and she'd thought he meant it. And he did mean it. Just. Not as much as she'd expected. Or he'd expected, apparently.

"I still can't tell what you're thinking," she said, looking down at her hands. "But." Very softly, "I still don't regret anything about being your girlfriend. I just... wasn't ready for it to end."

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