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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham Clocktower, Wednesday evening
After the phone call to Tony which was disastrously interrupted by Helena, Dinah knew she didn't have many options left. Letting herself get talked into a spar with Helena just compounded the problem.

Kick, elbow, block, footwork from Jen, armwork from Arthur, thanks -- punch kick faster and duck--

"You picked up a couple new moves at that school of yours," Helena said, not even breathing hard. High-kick from her, and dodge! "That's something. Now, if we could believe everything else you said about it--"

"I didn't lie," Dinah said, noticing Barbara rolling up behind Helena, and having to twist to avoid getting a sock to the arm. "I just didn't tell you everything."


And Dinah ended up on her butt, staring up at Helena. She sighed, and flopped back. "And, okay. Okay." She stared at the ceiling. "You guys were right. I was keeping something back." She really wished Alfred were here right now to back her.

Barbara leaned forward in her chair, watching Dinah carefully as she rolled over, and got to her feet. "Is this anything to do with drinking, boys, or other antisocial activity?"

Dinah stuck her tongue out at Helena, the tattler, and said, "No. Nothing like that." She folded her arms, wishing she had nunchuks or eskrima in her hands. "The school's... Um." She frowned, trying to think where to start, then brightened. Start where it started for her, right? "The school is for metas. Alfred knew."

"He what?!"

"It's what?" Nearly simultaneous, there. Sometimes they did share a brain.

"It's a school for metas. There are kids who can set themselves on fire--" Although she hadn't met them yet. "Guys who can fly, girls who can jump as high as Helena, telekinetics, everything." She took a breath, watching them, then swallowed. "That's why I want to be able to tell people about the crimefighting, too. There's kids there that do that in their own worlds."

"Okay, that's not--" Helena just started knee-jerk protesting, but Barbara....

"Worlds." She was staring at Dinah, who nodded, biting her lip. "Want to explain that?"

"I would if I could, but Barbara, no one there has heard of the Waynes because no one has heard of New Gotham. Or Metropolis. There's people from other planets there, from the past, from the future, from other, magic places no one's ever heard of. If I told people about this, they couldn't even tell the press! Because it would be the wrong press! And they so wouldn't care!"

"This is crazy talk," Helena said flatly. "Crazy, crazy, crazy talk. No way are you going back there."

"No! You can't say that! Tony, the guy you talked to, he's a wizard. Priestly and Merlin, they're normal guys. Hinata's a ninja, but Angela and Amber are normal. Don't you see? This place is perfect for me. I'm getting lessons in how to manage my abilities from Miss Atreides, and I'm learning about guns at the gun club with Mr. Algren, please, Barbara, please, you have to let me stay."

Barbara folded her hands on her knees, shaking her head, and Dinah dropped her head down, holding her knees as her sister spoke. "It sounds ideal, but there is no way we can tell if this place is safe. And different worlds? How does that even work? Everything I know about physics says it's impossible at best, dangerous at worst."

"Dangerous?" Helena glanced at Barbara. "What, are you buying this?"

"She's not lying, Helena."

"Then she's on drugs, or that place made her insane, or someone's playing with her head--"

"Not impossible, but unlikely. You saw the results of the check-up I gave her this afternoon, she's fine."

"She is standing right here, and didn't miss this part at all," Dinah told them, punching at the nearest punching bag. "I'm not lying, I'm not crazy, I'm not on drugs." Calm, calm, calm. "I just... I found a place I can be myself. And learn how to be more." She took a breath. "I get that it's really weird, but can't you just trust me? Please?"

Neither one of them said anything, but Dinah could tell from their expressions that neither Helena nor Barbara were okay with this.

Strategy, plan, she'd had a... right. "You should contact my teachers. Miss Atreides. And, and, look up the school. You can't decide this without even checking on stuff. And Alfred! You need to talk to him. He's known for weeks, he's on my side." Dinah gave them both a pleading look. "Please?"

"This is insane." Helena was clenching her fist, then looked at Barbara. "Isn't it?"

Barbara leaned back in her chair, watching Dinah. "I'm checking it out." She held up her hand when Helena started to protest. "We owe it to you to check it out, Dinah. But I'm warning you right now, I'm not likely to agree to this."

Dinah caught her breath, and nodded slowly. There was research, and checking with teachers....

...and as a last resort, there was calling Tony and telling him to assemble the cavalry.

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