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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham, Friday night (New Gotham Time)
Dinah had almost forgotten about Homecoming and the carnival and ice cream with Raven.

"Yeah, no, Gabby, I'm okay... no, Karla's.... Karla's okay too." Dinah swallowed. "It was a landslide, while she was camping with friends. She's gonna be fine."

Metaphorically true. Except for not being sure about the 'fine' part.

"I'll be back in the room tomorrow. I just want to crash here at home tonight. It was pretty exhausting.... He did? That was sweet." Dinah smiled a little. "Yeah. I'll see you then. Ciao bella."

She disconnected the call, and slumped back into her jacket, looking out over New Gotham. So glad to be home she didn't have words for it.

[ooc: Post-Agio, for weldedtomyspine.]

There was a knock on the doors opening out onto the balcony.

And a decent chance that some of the Clocktower's security systems were indicating that someone was out there.

"What the...?" Dinah got up, looking over to Barbara, who was monitoring the Delphi Circuit, and now was shaking her head, looking surprised but not worried.

"Get the door. It's for you," she said, smiling a very small smile.

Dinah went to it, unlocked it and... "Jaime?"

Jaime blinked, looking a bit worried. "I'm... not early, am I?"

"No. I just--I forgot," Dinah blurted out, then moved out of the doorway, trying to smile. Jaime. It was really good to see him right now, but jarring. "I was in Kaeleer, with Karla. Three or so days, except it's only Friday, and my sense of time is completely out of whack." She took a breath. "Come on in."

He hesitated, not quite willing to step through the door. "You're sure? I can... come back?"

Or something?

"No! Please. Don't... don't go."

She'd left before she'd had the chance to really talk to Karla. Or Raven. The huge argument had happened, and then she'd barely had time to grab her things in order to catch the portal home. There hadn't exactly been hugs and thank-yous at that point. Telling another friend to go away just wasn't happening.

"It's good to see you," Dinah said, hugging herself. She probably looked a mess. She'd already cried all over Barbara. "I've been looking forward to this for weeks."

Jaime studied Dinah for a minute. "You look..." He trailed off, then stepped forward to wrap her in a tight hug.

Dinah wanted to say Don't be nice to me, I can't take it but she was already hugging Jaime back, more tears slipping out as she clutched at him. "It was a really rough three days," she offered. "We can just hang out and watch movies tonight? With lots of buttery popcorn?"

Jaime wasn't letting go. But he did shift slightly, raising one hand to her cheek to brush gently across it with his thumb. "I do like movies. And buttery popcorn."

Dinah gave a jagged sigh, and leaned into his hand, gulping for breath. "Yay," she whispered. "Princess Bride? Nobody stays dead in that one. I'm in favor of that tonight."

"It's also a work of genius," Jaime pointed out, squeezing Dinah tightly and then letting his arms loosen so that she could extract herself.

When she was ready.

In a minute. Jaime wasn't mad at her. Jaime wasn't sick or upset or disturbed by what had been happening the last few days yet. Dinah was going to take her time savoring that.

She took a breath and hugged him tight again, then let go, pulling the door shut with TK, and then turning to Barbara. "We're going to watch a movie in here, okay?"

"No problem, Dinah." Barbara smiled over at Jaime. "The guest room is made up for you, Jaime. Welcome back." She wheeled herself out, and Dinah pulled out the DVD's.

"Thanks," Jaime waved to Barbara a bit distractedly.

Most of his attention was on Dinah. He was... worried. But she was tough. She'd bounce back. And he'd do what he could to help with that. "Want me to do the popcorn?" he asked.

Even though he had no idea where things were in the kitchen. He could figure it out! Probably.

"Yeah. It's in the cupboard over the microwave," Dinah said, sorting through the boxes, then shooting him a tired smile. "Grab some drinks, too."

God, she was probably going to fall asleep half-way through the movie.

"Will do!" Jaime was going to find some juice or something. The last thing Dinah needed right now was caffeine...

So there was bustling around the kitchen that actually resulted in popcorn and drinks, and then Jaime was headed back to Dinah, still eying her a bit worriedly.

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