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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Late Wednesday night, Room 712, West Unalachtigo Dorm, Gotham University, New Gotham
Dinah was snoozing on her comfy mock-futon. Gabby was snoring-- lightly!-- in her Rapunzel bed.

All was well in Room 712. Not a creature was stirring....

A screen appeared:
A warning. Brace yourself.

"Something is wrong." Female voice. Dangerous.

Karla's voice: "I had a dream last night about carrion, vultures circling and diving down. Rotted meat still attached to living bone. A Black Widow dream."

A thousand swirling wings, bats?--
Bruce? No...Feral eyes, fingers like knives, smell of blood thick enough to gag on--

Lucivar? Grinning?
Well, that can't be good.

Too many people too close too scared too many

Shining shield around them

Have to fix them. Have to Heal them. Can't stop. Webs and webs and there is a system,
Dinah just couldn't see it, understand it And there is screaming outside, rage and fear and agony




"Ahh!" Dinah sat bolt upright, shaking. The last time she'd had a dream like that, it was Jak, and she was used to that now, he always got away always lived but this was Karla and she hadn't called and oh god oh God oh God.

She didn't realize she was mumbling that out loud as she shucked her pajamas and pulled on her jeans and travel clothes, until Gabby sat up in her bed, muzzily squinting at her. "Whuzzat?"

"Dream. Bad. Mine. Psychic." She stopped, took a breath, and then grabbed her phone and hit Barbara's speed-dial, squinting at the clock. 5AM. "Barbara? Yeah. Karla's in trouble. Can you get me a ticket to her home? Now?" She grabbed her shoulder bag and stuffed socks and weapons in it, then grabbed her purse and added that. "You rock. No, I don't know. It's bad. I *will* call. Yeah. I love you too. Bye." She flipped it off, and then turned to Gabby, who looked way more awake now. "I have to go. I think her life's in danger. I-- can you tell Kyle to pick up notes for me? And tell him..."

Gabby was nodding. And pointing at the door. "Go. I don't know why you're still talking. Go."

"Love you too, Gabby." And Dinah shut the door quietly behind her, then raced out of the dorm, to the portal to Fandom.

[ooc: by request and permission of glacial_witch, and based on previous posts made by same, for the Plot of Doom. Sadly out of order, as this occurs late Weds. night/ early Thursday morning.]