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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Boutique Therese, New Gotham, Thursday evening
"I still think this is a dumb idea," Dinah told Helena as they walked in. "It's cutting into patrol time. I have dresses. I'm not in high school any more..."

Yes, she could go on like this for a while.

[for the Huntress, but open for phone calls]
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"You are absolutely no fun whatsoever, has anyone ever told you that?" Helena asked. Yeah, Helena, someone had. You. "Just roll with it. I'm thinking...short. And black."

Dinah stuck out her tongue at Helena, then started wandering around the racks, taking one out, and putting it back. "So I'm going for the 'too grown up to be here' look?"

"No, you're going for the, 'I'm too sexy for this dance' look. Isn't your ex going to be there?"

Dinah's blush answered that before her muttered, "Yes," did. She frowned, and pulled out a dress, considering. "Too old?" Then, trying to sound mature, "But why should Jaime being there matter?"

"Too long," Helena told her. "You need something more in this area." She frowned at the dress and said, "Not this one, though. And don't you want to show him what he's missing?"

"That one's ... yeah." Just a tiny bit too obvious. Or a lot. Dinah paused, staring at one in perplexity. "People wear these?"

And... maybe. Maaaybe, after this week's discussion, she did kind of want to point out to Jaime that they were no longer going out.

"People? Yes. But you're not," Helena unilaterally declared. "You should wear this one." It was leather. Of course Helena loved it on sight. "Actually, if you don't buy it, I might." She might give it to Dinah for Christmas. Or keep it and love it and call it Fred. She hadn't decided yet.

Dinah stared at it, then pointed. Like Helena couldn't see what was in her hand. "It's leather. It's... really leathery. I don't think 'I took up dominatrix work to pay for college' is the message I want to send either." She picked up three other dresses. "So, uh. I went out for coffee with Kyle." Which... she did a lot.

But this time he paid! Instead of splitting it!

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"Hey! Do I look like a dominatrix?" You know the right answer to this question, Dinah. She pointed at each of the dresses in turn: "Too old and it'll make your arms look longer, it's a sack, and anyone can unzip it. So tell me about this Kyle." So she could make Barbara and Reese both run background checks.

The accused stands on her right to remain silent, your honor.

"Aw, mannn..." Dinah put the dresses back though, because after Helena said that, she didn't even want to try them on. "Um. Kyle Meyers. He's been tutoring me in Stats. Freshman, like me, computer sciences major." She took a breath. "From Metropolis. So, you know. He's a Superman fan."

Well, seriously. Who wasn't?

"-- please don't track him down and have a talk with him?" For so, so many reasons.

Everybody loved Uncle Clark, it was true. "I'll think about it," Helena said, which meant she totally would.

"Hel-en-a! C'mon. We've only gotten coffee. He's sweet. A little geeky. Harmless." She grimaced and picked up some heels, since the dresses were frustrating her. "I don't want to freak him out yet. Or have one more guy who's got a crush on you too. Jeez."

"If he winds up with a crush on me then I'm doing it wrong." Or he was secretly a masochist. Helena considered another leather dress before deciding it was a bit much, even for her. That DVF was getting bought, though. Oh yes.

"Hey," she said. "What about this one? Look, it's not skanky, it even has sleeves."

Poor Kyle. Poor, poor Kyle. Dinah sighed and resolved to *try* and warn him. Somehow.

"It's a little-- short." Then again, that's what the shoes were for, right? To sort of finish it off. "Okay, let me try it on."

There was some adjusting. And some yanking -down. And then Dinah came out in it, and did a twirl. "Works? Not works?"

"You have a mile of leg," Helena said, giving her the thumbs up. "Put on those shoes with it, I wanna see."

Dinah stepped into the shoes, then had to yank the hem down again. "Okay, any time I move, it rides up and I have to pull it down, and when I do that, the cleavage dips." She glared at herself in the mirror. Kind of hating that it looked great. "I don't know about this..."

"God, it's like you grew up in a convent. What kind of school did we send you to?"

Look, Helena's mother? Catwoman. That said all you really needed to know about her style influences right there.

"Hey! There was plenty of-- noooo, not answering that question," Dinah said, pointing at Helena. "You don't get me that easy!" She snorted, then stood as tall as she could, which with those heels, was 6'. "Right. Okay. This one." She gulped. "'Cause you'll pick out something worse if I don't agree, won't you?"

Helena folded her arms and said, "Well, if you're going to be like that about it, put it back and we'll find you a sack. You can't pull it off if you don't act confident about it."

"Mine!" Dinah protested instinctively, crossing her arms, then taking a breath. "Okay. Point. Walk the walk." She took a step in the shoes, corrected for the inevitable wobble, then walked to the door and back, faking the runway walk from Ms. Mode's class. "Like that." She looked down at herself. "But not fishnets. Overkill."

Silly Dinah, fishnets were for crimefighting. "No, no fishnets with this outfit, not with those shoes." Helena smiled brightly and said, "You're gonna make him cry."

"Yeah?" Dinah grinned, straightened, and threw an arm around Helena. "And this is why I love you even when guys get crushes on you."

"I can't help it if I'm awesome," Helena told her, slinging an arm around her, too. "Go get dressed so we can pay for this and go punch things." She noticed a salesperson giving her the side-eye and asked, "What?"