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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham University Campus, Wednesday afternoon
Club Week, and Dinah was wandering through the main campus lawn with Gabby, checking out the booths. Archery. Ju-jitsu. Chess (Pawn U!). Comics Unleashed (LARF!). Dodgeball?

Gabby was chatting with someone at the Feminist Collective, when Dinah spotted another booth.

BASE & SKY - Bridge/Antennae/Span/Earth, Parachute & Glider & Bungee. If They Build It, We Will Jump!

She grinned at the guy behind the booth. "Where do I sign?"

[open for phone calls & texts]

Jaime's Dinah-sense was tingling. He just had this feeling she was about to do something really crazy. Well, crazy for normal people, normal for Dinah, but whatever.

So he called. Just in case.

Saved!... temporarily, anyway.

Dinah beamed at her cellphone and answered it, following the path around the booths. "Hey! Tell me no one else has gotten hurt and you're calling 'cause you miss me."

"No one else has gotten hurt and I'm calling because I miss you." Wasn't Jaime a good (and obedient) friend?

"Super!" Dinah grinned and picked up a free frisbee and a little free hand-fan from another booth, and considered for a moment. "Do I want to work at a Radio station here? And what's up on Island of Crazy?"

"I think if Fandom has taught you anything, it's that working at a radio station is a bad idea," Jaime teased. "And, you know, the usual. Mild panic attacks and all that."

"Ahhh. You tracked down Momoko?" Dinah checked, then sighed. "I sent her food. And mental hugs, since I couldn't give her real ones this time... and if there's another reason for the panic, tell me now."

"No, that. She just forgot to call me when she got back. All I had was a voicemail that she was about to bust into a warehouse or something. Then nothing."

"Same here. I just kept calling." Dinah paused, then sat down on a park bench to look at her booth-loot. "Which was dumb, now that I think of it. I should've called you and Karla and Tim to go out looking for her. Next time, that's so happening." She grimaced. "'Cause you know there'll be a next time... anyway. How's she doing now? And how are you?"

"She's fine. I finally caught up with her last night. She was bandaged up, but it didn't look too serious." Jaime shook his head even though Dinah couldn't see it. "The worst part was that I kept stopping by her room and couldn't find her. She was out most of the day."

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There was a text message to Dinah: The unexpected blow is far more devastating than an expected one. Always strike fast and strike first.

Dinah stared a moment, then texted back: The raven flies at midnight! And the lion sings tonight!

If Azula were determined to be cryptic....

There is a saying: Do not provoke the resting dragon. Azula smirked then, Are you still keeping up with your training?

Dinah grinned and typed back: Yes, O Fire-breathing One. I have martial arts class three times a week, training with Helena, crime-fighting, and I'm about to join the fencing club.

She sent a picture of the gymnasts trying to recruit for the gymnastics team, and then typed: How is training Momoko? And the rest of your march toward imperial might?

Remember to keep that shoulder up. You get clumsy when you get tired.

Azula raised her eyebrows at the gymnasts. Reminds me of an old friend. She was better. Momoko is injured with bruises and small cuts. If she gets hit so easily it means her training needs to step up significantly.

Helen's better too. She has superpowers, though. Dinah grinned,then scowled. Or she didn't take enough people with her to watch her back, and still thinks invulnerability is total. Gah.