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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Ikea, near Vancouver, B.C., Canadia, no, CANADA. - Sunday afternoonish
"Do you need pillow cases?" Dinah asked, then flopped down on a futon. "Ooo. Not as comfy as it looks."

[for wantstodirect, and the minions of the Vikings.]

"I have two pillow cases," Tony said. He flopped down next to her and made a face. "No, not comfy. Anyway, I have a sofa bed - oh, look, it's got a remote pocket on the side!"

Dinah snickered. "This is an important thing. Or you could attach one to your sofa? Or make a holster? Out of an eyeglass case or something?" She grinned and sat up, but didn't get up yet. "More pillow cases, check. Maybe I'll get some for myself, too."

"Oh, yeah, you looking forward to dorm living?" Tony asked.

"I am, kinda. It was lonely not having a roommate the last two months. I'm bunking with Gabby after all," she said, smoothing down the comforter, considering. "And I don't think crashing with either sister would be good just yet." She poked him. "Glasses. Do you have them?"

"No, my vision's twenty-twenty," Tony said.

Whap. "Pillows. You need more pillows too." Dinah grinned at him. "And those little fake plastic ice cube things shaped like lemons!"

"Pillows, sure, but I don't need fake ice-lemons. What's wrong with plain old ice?" Tony asked.

"It melts. Also, do you have any ice?" Dinah checked. "Or, like cooking bowls?"

"It doesn't melt if you keep it in the freezer," Tony said. "I might need ice trays. I don't really cook, though."

"Okay, ice cube trays, that's a start," Dinah agreed, smothering a grin. "And man does not live by takeout and pizza alone. Not even *I* live by those alone. We should at least get you a... I dunno, you have a microwave. Maybe just a cutting board for sandwich-making?"

She flopped back again and said, "Or we could live here. That's good too. They have everything we need."

"They're good for furniture, but all their TVs are made from cardboard," Tony said. "Plus I don't like to have meatballs more than three or four times a week."

"We could order in pizza to here, bring our laptops, and do downloads?" Dinah offered. "They have to have free Wi-Fi. They have everything else. ~Ikea, Ikea...~"

"How long do you think it would take before they kicked us out?" Tony asked.

"Months!" Dinah sat up, looking optimistic. "With your powers and mine, and being way faster than the guards, it could take a really long time. We'd never have to do dishes. Or laundry!"

"They don't actually sell clothes here," Tony pointed out. "Although we could probably make togas from the bedsheets."

"We could be walking advertisements for the Ikea way of life," Dinah suggested. "Everything about us proves that all you need is here."

Well, mostly. Right?

Tony laughed. "I'm sure we'd be great advertisement models after living in Ikea for a few days. You know, if you want to move to Vancouver, you can stay at my place for a while."

Dinahh sighed and flopped against him again, then patted the futon. "I could."

She could. Her sisters wouldn't be able to drag her back right away.

"...noooo. I just. It's nice to pretend I'm not going to start over again tomorrow. Less scary." She looked at him sideways. "Are you okay with your classes? And people? And... making new friends and all?"

"You sound like Henry," Tony smiled. "Yeah. I haven't met anyone as awesome as you, yet, but there's some people with potential. Classes have a lot of technical stuff to memorize, but I love that I'm finally doing this."

Dinah grinned, and TK-poked him in the ribs, kicking her heels. "Yeah. I'm looking forward to it. And Gabby's still awesome, and I've got my motorcycle, and... I love New Gotham." She sighed. "Letting go of you guys is just hard, is all. Finally."

"I know," Tony said. "You still have us, though."

"Yeeeeah." Dinah was quiet, then hugged Tony. "I'm really really glad of that, did I mention that before?" She grinned. "C'mon. We need to get you shelves for the speakers you're gonna get."

Tony hugged her back. "See? I'd be lost without you."