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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Santa Cruz beach, Monday evening
Dinah had had a pretty awesome weekend and Monday, and was now leaving another round of text messages for people as she waded knee-high in the surf. Priestly was awesome, but she just wanted to check on everyone that they hadn't been sucked into a locker or a black hole since she talked to them last.

[open for phone calls and texts; will be a link-drop for the same.]

Raven of course had to call Dinah that evening. She had sooooo many questions for her and hoped Dinah would have answers.

Ring, ring!

Dinah checked the Caller ID, then grinned. "Hey! How was newbie day? And how are you? And tell me no one's invaded again while I was gone."

Raven hated phones; she wished she could see Dinah. But she'd deal. "Dinah!" she said. "It is good to hear your voice. I hope you are doing well. I am all right, though I have something very important to ask you."

"I'm doing fine, Priestly's feeding me, Jen's hanging out with me, the beach is gorgeous--" And they were keeping her very busy and distracted, which helped. "Ooo, what? What's up?"

"Have you ever heard of a group of superheroes known as the Teen Titans?" Raven asked eagerly. No reason. Really!

"I haven't," Dinah admitted, then had to grin. "Cool name, though. Why? How'd that come up?"

"I have a little sibling this semester," Raven explained, her glee dimmed just a tiny bit by Dinah not knowing of them. "His name is Kon, and he emulates Superman with his powers. He knows of a Raven in his world, but she is a member of this team."

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Karla was calling for very similar reasons as Raven. And also because she missed Dinah already.

"Is Superman kind of weird and really flirty?" Karla demanded as soon as Dinah picked up.

Hello's were for other people.

"Also, I miss you."

"I miss you too. Lots and lots." Dinah squinted into the sunlight, grinning. "And I've never met him, but he's supposed to be a perfect gentleman. Why?" Although she had her guesses.

"I'm preeeeeeeeeeeeeetty sure I was getting flirted with at the newbie picnic," Karla said, flopping down onto her bed. "By some male named Kon who wears blue and red spandex with a giant 'S' on the front. He kept calling me beautiful. It was weird. I think he has some funny issues with Protocol or something."

She picked up the flirting without needing a tongue in her throat. Really, Dinah ought to be proud.

She was thrilled! Progress! Awwwww.

"Raven mentioned him, and the team he works with, and I've never met any of them except Robin," Dinah said, smirking. "Superboy, if that's his codename, isn't here in my world. Yet. Okay, that's a frightening thought... and what kind of funny issues?"

Are you sure there was no tongue, Karla?

"Well, he was just very..." Karla groped for the right word. "Solicitous. He kept complimenting me and calling me pretty and attractive and whatever. And asking me about stuff and...I dunno. Like I said, he was weird. But I think he was flirting, too."

Guess which one she was more certain about!

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Dinah facepalmed, and restrained the urge to giggle.

"Yeah, I'd say he was very heavy-handedly flirting. How old is he? And how cute? Kinda cute, or, used to thinking he's God's-gift-to-women cute?"

"He's pretty cute, in that square-jawed, built-like-an-underwear model kind of way. Wavy dark hair?"

He had been wearing spandex! It was hard not to notice muscles in spandex!

"I remembered to mention I had a boyfriend!" Karla sounded very proud.

"Oohhh definitely flirting then. Did someone get his shirt off? He just had a hard time believing you weren't interested." She grinned. "The boyfriend remark might've helped, and yay you, for being clear! How is your cute angel-guy?"

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