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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Beach, Thursday evening
Dinah had sent a text to Jaime (On the beach. Come find me!) and then settled in to practice her Canary Cry, which she hadn't done for a while. The waves parted like the F/X from a 50's B-movie, and deepened into a trough that went for hundreds of yards.

"---eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-----!" It wasn't going to be that hard for Jaime to find her, no.

[for weldedtomyspine.]

"You're not mad at me, are you?" Jaime called loudly as he walked up behind her. "This isn't some subtle hint that you could break me into many tiny pieces, right?"

Dinah stopped and grinned over her shoulder at him. "If I wanted to break you into tiny pieces, you wouldn't get this much warning." She beamed at him, reaching out with the hand wearing the sapphire bracelet. "I think I'm getting better at it!"

"Breaking people into tiny pieces?" he teased as he took her hand and stepped closer to her. Mmm... girlfriend proximity.

"Well, at least I've found a new way?" Dinahh threaded her fingers through his, then sent as loudly as she could, Can you hear me? Say something like pink elephant if you can.

Then sent another scream out at the water, as loud as she could.

"So I decided what I want for my birthday. A pink elephant."

That was smooth, Jaime. If someone were listening in they totally wouldn't be able to tell there was telepathy going on.

Oh. Wait.

Dinah stopped screaming, and snickered. Then sent, again, loudly: Yell something in your head. I want to see what the limits are. It's the bracelet.

My girlfriend is the hottest girlfriend ever.

Which was the first thing that came to mind. And had him blushing a bit.

Dinah couldn't hear anything, so clearly, the bracelet was working. She could guess what he'd thought, though. Or something close to it. "You want me to what?"

Jaime blinked, blushing more furiously.

Had he been thinking something subconsciously that she'd picked up on? If so... that was awkward. Considering the sorts of things he subconsciously thought about Dinah.

"Er... nothing?"

"So, you want me to wear nothing?... I dunno, this beach isn't that deserted."

Dinah couldn't keep it up for much longer, and leaned into kiss him, thinking at normal volume at him, You're so cute when you're flustered.

Jaime didn't pick up on the thought. But that might have been simple distraction. After all, he only had so much attention, and clearly the most important thing to devote it to at this particularly moment was Dinah's lips.

And letting his free hand reach up to play with her hair.

And the good thing there? ... well, aside from Jaime's lips. Which were always a good thing.

Dinah couldn't hear or feel any extra zing from him. Maybe a low background hum, but not the usual intense surge of intensity.

Mmmmm, kissssssing.

She finally broke it off to squeal. "It works!"

Jaime managed to look only slightly disappointed when she broke away.

But then he realized what she meant. He hadn't got sucked into the spiral...

"Dude! That's super-awesome!" There could be way more make-outs!

Dinah hugged him, still dancing around, and then leaned in for another kiss. To celebrate!

Mmmmmmm. Nice, warm, soft, and okay, not the head-rush thrill-ride that had been developing the last couple months, but hey. Kissing. Of the good. She could hang onto Jaime without feeling the urge to immediately rip his clothes off.

...but she could still think about it. Heh.

Very nice. Veeeeery nice. Jaime was still holding Dinah's hand, so he squeezed it tight and let his other hand slide up and down her back.

He suddenly realized he hadn't ever just kissed Dinah before. The telepathy thing had always meant that he was doing more than that.

This was... good.

Okay, it was great.

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