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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, late Saturday night
So. Dinah's parents were gone. They'd had (mostly) a great time together, the last two days. She couldn't even regret all the bickering with her mom, now. Some of it had even been funny. They'd gotten to meet so many of her friends. And she was seeing her New Gotham family soon.

She wasn't crying any more, but she couldn't sleep, couldn't concentrate... just lay on her bed with Camille, listening to whatever was on the radio.

[expecting one, but open for others, like the door.]
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Momoko had heard that everyone's family and such were gone, and she was worried about Dinah's reaction. So after a bit of tossing and turning, Momoko grabbed a few things and was soon knocking lightly on her friend's doorframe.

"Hey, Dinah. Are you okay?"

Dinah considered a moment, then said, "I guess? Come on in." She smiled a little. "I'm not emo'ing. I think. Just... achey."

Momoko stepped through the door, a bit reluctantly, pulling a pillowcase behind her. A bulgy pillowcase.

"So, uhm. Probably my bringing a ton of snacks and sodas and stuff to help cheer you up wasn't necessary?" She grinned sheepishly. "I even brought pocky?"

Dinah laughed, and sat up, and sniffled. "Any chocolate-covered almonds?" She gulped. "And maybe that soda. I'm pretty thirsty."

Momoko dragged the pillow the rest of the way in and set to emptying it, handing Dinah one of the sodas first. Crying tends to dry you out, Momoko understood that.

"I'm out of the almonds, totally have to go into town and buy more. I still have half a tin of chocolate covered cashews?" She found the can in the pile, then tossed it at Dinah. "Well, maybe less than half, but they're all yours?"

"Perfect," Dina said, accepting the soda and the cashews. "Thanks." She worked her way through them steadily, then took a breath, relaxing a bit more. "Thanks for checking on me, too."

"I was worried." Momoko had a bag of jelly beans and her own soda, but she was looking at Dinah and not eating yet. "I mean, you have Ms Barbara and Ms Helena, but... well. This was your parents." And they were dead.

"Yeah." Dinah sighed softly. "I didn't even remember my dad before this. I was too little when he died. Stopping a liquor store hold-up." She reached for a stray jelly bean and popped it in her mouth, sucking on it thoughtfully. "My mom died two years ago. It was... very very weird. Good. But weird."

Momoko nodded. "I'm glad it was good. And I'm sorry that they only had a short stay. They seemed very nice and to care for you very much. Your mom, especially, but I guess that makes sense if it's only been a short time since you've been apart."

She frowned. "Does it bother you to talk about it? I just got back from Obon, so I'm a bit used to talking about, uhm, past relatives. We can totally change the subject if you want?"

"No, I'm okay with it. They sort of feel-- less dead, now that I had the last two days with them." Dinah frowned. "I didn't really get to say good-bye to my mom. This, this was better. It still hurts. But it's better than I had." She sighed. "What's Obon?"

"It is good that you had time with them. And they really were very nice!" Momoko had especially liked meeting them. It put Dinah in a more complete picture to see what her family had been like before her family now.

"I never told you about Obon? It's a religious holiday, sort of. We go visit family, tend to graves, visit the temple, talk about people who've passed on... Some people believe that the spirits actually come back to visit for those three days. I never thought it was possible until this. I kind of feel guilty about leaving home so quickly, now."

"They were pretty awesome, weren't they?" Dinah was simultaneously more cheerful and more wibbly when she thought about it. "Dad's just like me. We have the same sense of humor. And we think the same, it was kind of hilarious... Mom and I just. I dunno." She shook her head. "Maybe it would've been different, if I'd gotten to grow up with her. I still think she's great, and awesome, but she's difficult."

"That sounds cool, really. Kinda like Dia de los Muertes, in Mexico." Dinah another swig of soda, and reached for the popcorn. "Who would you want to meet, who's dead?"

"She did seem kind of upset?" Momoko wasn't going to pry. At least not yet. "But it felt more like she was in total hyper-mom mode? Like when they want to yell at you and hug you at the same time and can't decide which is better for you?"

She shrugged. "And I don't really have anyone. Maybe that's why no one came for me? I mean, I have dead relatives, but none really close to me."

"She's like that. Or she was like that the last time I saw her, too." Dinah fiddled with the box of candy, not looking at Momoko. "She got killed," she said abruptly. "There was a hit out on her, in New Gotham. She was freaking out because she was scared for me. And she didn't want me to be a crimefighter. She thought it was too dangerous. She wanted a safe, normal life for me." Dinah finally looked up, sighed. "She gave me her blessing before she died. But I think that was just to make me happy. And she felt like she couldn't take it back this time."

Momoko totally didn't believe that!

"Dinah!! Why would your mom tell you that if she didn't mean it? Think about it." Momoko frowned. "Would you want Lena to do the stuff we do if she didn't have to? Wouldn't you try to let her do normal stuff instead of being in danger and getting hurt all the time? And then, if she did decide she wanted to fight evil like us, wouldn't you be proud and give her your blessing? Especially if she was as good as you are now?"

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