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Dinah's Voicemail
"This is Dinah Lance! Leave a number or text and I'll probably get back to you as soon as I'm done texting or talking to whoever I'm on the phone with right this very second."


In a move that potentially proved that he had no psychic abilities at all (or alternately, proved that he did), Priestly chose Friday afternoon, Fandom time, as the perfect time to send Dinah a photo.

Of his kitchen staff. Marching in a circle. Holding picket signs.

They're striking 4 polar bears. Not to save polar bears, to OWN polar bears. Polar bears.

Because really.

Polar bears.

In between various consultations, clean-ups, and planning, Dinah finally checked her voicemail.

Then laughed so hard she fell over. God, she needed that.

What, they want to populate your freezer?

Apparently. with tiny polar bears. holding tiny coke bottles. they want live 1s, but Im looking into robots.

Because Fandom + Luke's + tiny robot coca cola bears COULDN'T POSSIBLY GO WRONG.

Where would you even get... and *why*? Your crew: so crazy

A pause for a bit, then:

I so needed that laugh, you don't even know.

glad to be of service

He wasn't going to ask. If someone was hurt or dead, she'd tell him.

it's a big multiverse, I'll prolly find em somewhere. mostly I think they're just mad I made them give me demands instead of just letting them strike meaninglessly

Aahahah well... she'd tell him eventually?


I <3 U and your people, politically aware and loud

free this weekend for guest? Dun wanna stay in Dite's suite


If she was in Fandom over a welcome picnic weekend, she would not be in danger of injury or death.

Well, no more so than anywhere else, anyway.

YAY. Expect me when you see me, stupid Portalocity

2 much stuff 2 tell in text. Jono got hurt. Gonna be ok but not immediately


Also, there was poison gas, wolves, zombie armies....

Jono got hurt and Raven couldn't just heal him up? That didn't bode well.

txt or call or just show up when you get here. I can make Dean sleep in his car if you want.

Honestly, Dean seemed to like sleeping in his car, anyway.

It really, really didn't.

Poor Dean. Been camping 10 weeks, sleeping bag on floor is ok, swear


don't be dumb, u get the futon.

Seriously now, Dinah.

Food can be arranged! A feast, perhaps! Is it all over, or u just need breaking for the weekend?

Bit of both? end in sight. We have Plan. Should work. Not violent. Just complicated.

last 2 weeks just ugh ugh ugh ugh

futons r nice

Momo back in El Paso this weekend too, good time for break

A pause, then:

miss you THISMUCH *smush*

u realize there is no actual size noted in that comment? Priestly teased. Momo okay? Should we make the Reyeseses send her care packages?

Then I have to do it in person!

Dinah grinned, then typed away: Mostly. Not hurt. Heartache. She could use care and hugs too

Yeah, that kind of applies to everyone in Glacia.

they so need to make a noncreepy way to send those things long distance The Japanese had a start on it, but hadn't gotten anywhere near the "non-creepy" part, just yet.

I will recruit Alfred and we will send her large packages of cookies and cakes.

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