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Dinah's Voicemail
"This is Dinah Lance! Leave a number or text and I'll probably get back to you as soon as I'm done texting or talking to whoever I'm on the phone with right this very second."



Incoming phone call from your very favorite weirdo hippie punk!

"Hey, you!" Dinah was happy to be hearing from him. But not as happy as she was probably going to be. "What's up?"

Priestly grinned into the phone. "Hello, is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me,
Is there anyone at home?


"Come on, now,
I hear you're feeling down,
Well, I can ease your pain,
Get you on your feet again.

Dinah blinked, then said, "Okay, am I supposed to guess the singer, or sing along...?"

Don't worry, she'd get it in a minute. It had just been a distracting day. And now she was trying to remember if she knew the rest of these lyrics.

Alas, she might not get the chance to identify the song, as Priestly swerved into a completely different melody.
"Here on the island,
No one's gonna find us darlin',
No one even sees us unless we want them too,
So had me the lotus flower,
Come watch the moonlight on these couches
by the sea, by the sea.

Priestly really did have a great voice. And Dinah didn't know this song at all. But that was a much more solid clue about what was going on. "Oh, noooooo. It's that day?" Don't giggle. Don't giggle!

Priestly managed a groan. "Yes. Dammit."

"And you called me anyway! This is why you're my favorite!" Dinah was bouncing with delight now. "And I really liked that second song, it's pretty... are the restaurant guys singing? Is it like a Disney musical?"

Right, sure, he totally called deliberately to let her know he was singing today. He could run with that.

"Yes. Yes it is. They're even pretty decently choreographed."

"Take video," Dinah begged. "I need to see this. What was that second song? I've never heard that one before."

It'd been long enough since she'd been on the Island for this day that she'd forgotten how downright embarrassing it could get sometimes. And revealing. Or at least, not connect that to Priestly.

"The instant I walk in there, they'll stop. Just to spite me," Priestly said. Because that was totally how these things worked.

"Awww, man." Dinah was snickering more now. "I think we could all use a good musical number here. Things have been pretty quiet, but everyone's still tense. Maybe I'll break into song just to freak them out."

"You may have finally found a war tactic I can get behind," Priestly said. "Sing the enemy into submission."

Any minute now, he was going to break out into an old school protest number. Oh dear.

Yaaaay! Dinah might even sing along!

"So we're still on for El Paso? Should I sing the Talking Heads version of Don't Fence Me In?"

Okay, now she might be trying to hand him musical cues.

"You're kind of evil, you know that?" Priestly said. "Don't, don't, don't let's start,
this is the worst part,
who'd believe for all the world
that you're my precious little girl?
But don't, don't, don't let's start,
I've got a weak heart,
and I don't get around how you get around.

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