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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Santa Cruz, Friday
"So this is it." No more stalling. No more stuff to do. "Time to go. The portal will be here in ten."

Dinah gave Priestly a hopeful look. "I can smuggle you back in my duffle bag?"

[for the mohawked BFF]

"I'm thinking that'd be really uncomfortable. Plus, Jen might get annoyed." Priestly held his arms open. "Gimme sugar?"

Dinah pounce-hugged him, arms going around him tight. "Lotsa sugar, molasses pixie stix lollipops anything else," she mumbled into his shoulder. "Can't believe we made it."

"I can feel my blood sugar levels going up." Priestly hugged back just as hard. "I know, right? I can't believe I won't be seeing you almost every day."

"How'm I gonna do this without you?" Dinah demanded, hanging on for dear life. "I mean, not just Fandom. But. Everything! College! Crimefighting! Life!" More squeezing. "You can't make me leave. I can live under the Boardwalk!"

"Hey now, none of that." Priestly rested his chin on her head. "You'll be fine. You'll be more than fine, you'll be fabulous. And if you're not, I'll come yell at Alfred. Yeah, that's right, Alfred. And he'll kick my ass even harder than your sisters would, so you'll be fine just to keep me from having to come do that."

"Awww, mannn," Dinah said, still muffled, but shoulders relaxing. He so would. And then Alfred so would. "It's just -- scary. Thinking of not having you right there when I need you. Or not knowing when you'll need me." She sighed and pulled back a little. "Although at least there's no zombies. Or monkey-ponies. Or... any of that. To worry about for you."

"And if there were, I'd only be a phone call and a portal away."

"And IM's. And phone calls anyway. And massive amounts of vidconferencing, 'cause if Jen doesn't get a camera for her computer, I'll send you guys one out of my own money." She rubbed her knuckles over his beard and said, "But you gotta come visit me. Even with all that."

"I will. You know I will. And you can come anytime. You know that."

"I know." And it was good to know that. About five million things rushed through Dinah's head-- thinking he was dead after the nightmares last year, the hormone kiss, all the plays, dying their hair, food food food, falling asleep on him more than once-- and she buried her face in his shoulder again one last time, breath hitching. "Just. You know. You're not allowed to gain two years in a week and forget me. Constant contact. Or I hijack Portalocity."

Crap, he'd forgotten about that. He buried his nose in her hair. "Won't happen. This is Santa Cruz. I'm thinking time's more likely to slow down, over here."

"Yay," she whispered, and kissed him on the cheek. Dinah pulled back, and dashed tears from her eyes very fast. "If things slow to a crawl here, I'll be happy to come back over and over and over again."

"We'd be happy to have you. Even my mom likes you."

"Your mom is totally wrong about your hair, and she worries too much... but otherwise, she's kinda nice." Dinah grinned, gulping back another sniffle. "Well, she had to be. She produced you."

"I've sometimes wondered if I was a happy accident, but, yeah. Not living with her means I get to like her a whole lot better."

And that was so Priestly that it cheered Dinah up enough to hug him one last time. "No getting arrested without me. No going missing without me. Call. And I accept all experimental foods if you gotta test them on someone."

"Well, the ones that might survive an interdimensional trip, anyway." Priestly squeezed back hard. "And all that goes right back atcha."

Dinah sniffed, hugging him hard and rocking a little, and then took a breath, stepping back.

A purply shimmer was forming just a few yards away. "I know." She gulped. "Love you, Priestly."

"You, too, Dinah. And hey, if Lena pops up in Gotham, I expect to be notified immediately so I can come play discombobulated dad."

"Ha. You are so totally getting an immediate text of Come help me babysit the kid! if that happens." Dinah squeezed his hand, and settled her duffle on her shoulder. "Thanks. For everything. This week, and this year." She let go of his hand, and took a step toward the portal. "And if she shows up here, you better call me."

"Hell yeah. You'll probably hear Jen freaking out in the background." He reached up to brush Dinah's hair out of her face. "This isn't goodbye. This is a 'see you later'. We're not gonna have any goodbyes."

"Damn straight." Dinah grinned at him, damp-eyed but happy. BFFs. No matter what. She gripped his hand. "Hasta la vista. Hasta luego. Au revoir. All that stuff." She finally made herself let go. "Be seeing you, Priestly."

She kept backing up into the portal so she wouldn't have to turn her back on him, and then with a flash of purple, she felt herself pulled out of Santa Cruz, and back to Fandom.

Priestly matched her look for look and waved as the portal sucked her in, then heaved a sigh.

". . . Crap, I have to be an adult, now."