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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Friday morning early
Dinah didn't have as much to pack as some people-- she would be back for the second summer session, after all. Still, she was going to miss the place, and her cat, and her friends... so there was a lot of last-minute cuddling of Camille going on, and obsessive double-checking of her stuff.

Almost time to be gone.

[Dinah will be back in July, but she's here if you want to say good-bye before she's gone for seven weeks.]

Leda came by with a going away present. *knock*knock*

Dinah opened the door, then looked pleased. "Leda, hey! Been a while. What's up?"

"Well I came to say I'm sorry you're leaving, and to give you this." She held out a small plain wrapped package. Inside was a disposable camera.

Sorry I'm late, I was on a boat

Like Karla would let Dinah leave without saying goodbye--even if she was coming back in July.

"Kiss kiss," she said, poking her head in the door. "You weren't trying to sneak away without a goodbye, were you?"

After her long talk with 'Dite yesterday, Karla was determined to be cheerful about goodbyes.

"Pfftt, as if," Dinah said, as Camille escaped her again to wander over and twine around Karla's feet. "I'm just trying to figure out what weapons to take. Or if I should take them. I mean, some parts of the universe are pretty rough..."

That never got less weird to say.

"Definitely take some," Karla said. "You might not need them if you have them, but if you do and you don't... Do you have any that can pass for not-weapons?"

Talking about weapons made it easier to ignore the packing.

"The staff from 'Dite just looks like a walking stick, but it's an Amazonian warstaff blessed by Artemis so I'm thinking, definitely bring it," Dinah decided. "Knives from Arthur can be concealed. And... I dunno, I have some steel chopsticks like the ones I gave you to wear in my hair. I think that's about as much as I can get away with on this trip." Although.... "Maybe a bootknife too?"

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Jaime felt like he'd been spending a lot of time with Dinah recently. But since she was his hot girlfriend, he figured that was okay.

He was grinning as he swung by her room, even if it was a bit of a melancholy expression. He was going to miss her this summer.

"Hey, you!" Dinah beamed at him with an equal amount of wistfulness. "Almost that time. Now. Jump in the suitcase, and I'll take you with me."

Jaime laughed and shook his head. "Yeah. I'll miss you too."

A lot.

Dinah pouted at him and went for the hug, then just hung on. "I can't believe it's actually here already. Today. Trip day. Can't we just, oh, run off to Tahiti for half the summer?"

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Sam knocked on the door and tried not to frown when he saw Dinah's stuff packed. "Are you excited about the trip?" he asked.

"Are you kidding?" Dinah grinned at him, and bounced up from the bed. "I'm so going to miss you guys, but this trip, I mean, we start in Vegas, and it gets weirder from there. How could I *not* be excited?"

Sam laughed. "Okay, that does sound pretty cool. It might even be weirder than being here."

"Especially in company with Marco, Tony, me, and various others. We will bring powers and magic to dull little universes and make them sparkle," Dinah said solemnly, then grinned. "Wish you were going with us, Mr. President. But I get the staying, too."

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