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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Train of exposition, pulling out of the station: Parker, Sophie, Dinah
The three previous existing characters (alumni, townie, soon-to-be-alumi) first:

Miss Parker, mparkerceo
* AKA Parker to her friends (but not to be confused with abetterthief)
* From the suspense/drama TV series Pretender.
* Fandom Class of 2007
* Graduates St. John's College, Oxford, this June; Chinese language and Economics firsts. Woo!
* 5'10", Armani, Prada, manicured, sharp and shiny, shoe addict.
* Carries a concealed .Sig Sauer and wears deadly stilettos wherever she goes.
* Working on a world takeover with her genius think-tank. Sorta.
* Snarly, bitchy, defensive, but a good friend.
* Doesn't visit Fandom much any more except to see friends at Homecoming.

Sophie Devereaux, magdaofslovenia, AKA Princess Magda of Slovenia, and about zillion other aliases
* From the current TNT show Leverage (the same as Parker-the-thief mentioned above)
* Con-woman/retired-grifter/art-thief, former teacher here, and currently owns the Fourth Dimension Art Gallery in town.
* Is hiring! See me for details if you want a job.
* 5'6", and shares Parker's thing for expensive, shiny, shoes.
* Here in the middle of her canon, after Season 2. Due for a canon update in July!
* When she's not running a con, she's the World's Worst Actress--
* --but she's getting steadily better, through ruthless direction by Geoffrey Tennant suit_of_sables, her significant other that they're not defining beyond that.

Dinah Lance, blondecanary, AKA Black Canary
* From the TV series Birds of Prey, based loosely on the DC Comics of the same name.
* 18 years old, alumna, from New Gotham, NJ, part-time crimefighter and aspiring superhero.
* Adopted daughter of Barbara Gordon, AKA Oracle, but refers to Barbara and fellow crimefighter Huntress (Helena Kyle) as her sisters.
* Used to date Jak unborn_renegade until his canon killed the relationship with a hammer; currently dating Jaime Reyes, weldedtomyspine, and will be missing him tons soon because--
* She just graduated, and is off on a multiverse trip with her buds on Friday!
* She'll be back for the second summer session, then home to a criminal justice program at Gotham University.
* Will be keeping in touch with Fandom friends in the future.
* 5'10", casual, jockette, curious, aspiring P.I. if you ask.
* Has superpowers:
-- Telekinesis
-- Clairvoyant Dreams
-- Touch Telepathy
-- Canary Cry
None of which will be used on anyone without prior permission; if you want to give blanket permission for any aspect of them below, that would be cool.
* Crimefighter & Do-gooder: She has over two year's worth of martial arts and weapons training now, and takes it very very seriously. If Dinah sees someone in trouble or danger, she'll want to help. But I won't have her step in and take action until after I've checked with you-- since you may have your own hero already lined up in the wings to save the day-- and also because that can get exhausting to play. (Really exhausting.) If you *do* want her to do something like that, give me a head's up first, so I know what's going on.

Chris, AKA Kiki and often Parker, since she's my longest-running character in-game. Online teacher in Wyoming, been playing here at Fandom since the beginning of the game, and I can be reached on AIM at Evieparkfh, and via email at charlieveparker @ gmail.com. I love IM'ing with people but I get overwhelmed in chats, so feel free to ping me with questions if you have them. I also happen to be a Ditz; I have regularly forgotten that Isabel and Zero don't drink (and they've been friends with Parker for four years) and Fiona doesn't eat (a major plot point). If my characters forget something they should know, or more importantly, something they shouldn't know? Feel free to stop me before I ditz again; I'll be happy to edit, change, back up, or erase a comment you're not happy with.

That's it! And again, if new characters/players want to comment with permission/denial for Dinah to touch-telepathically read them in the comments, that would be great, but I'll assume she can't if you don't.