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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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E-mail, Sent Monday Night
TO: Student Body, Minus Karla
FROM: Dinah
RE: Surprise Wednesday Birthday Party!

When: Wednesday, after noon
Where: The Beach
What: BBQ Birthday Surprise Party for Karla!

Shhhh. Don't tell her! Karla's turning 16-- bring yourselves and any goodies or presents, there'll be a grill and soft drinks there!


TO: Student Body, Minus Karla and Warren
FROM: Dinah
RE: Wednesday parties

Yes, we're having two of 'em. I checked in with Bobby-- we're going to use this as a double-fake so neither one knows they're getting a party. We're taking our party to Warren's when it's time, just so you know, and if you can't make Karla's in the afternoon, then be sure to grab her at Warren's party and wish her happy birthday.

[cleared with longislandiceme, adjusted so people can attend whatever parties they can make it to!]