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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Baltimore side of the Causeway, after classes
Helena and Barbara had called around noon to wish her a happy birthday, then things got mysterious.

"Meet me at the end of that bridge in Baltimore after your Final." Helena's voice sounded smug.

"And don't say I don't keep my promises," Barbara added, before they abruptly cut off the call.

Please oh please oh please oh pleeeeeease Dinah thought all the way to Baltimore. Because today was her birthday, and she had one promise from Barbara pending, if she'd felt like it....

Helena was waiting for her one step off the Causeway.

With a bike. A new bike. A new blue bike that was not Helena's.

[2010 Triumph Thunderbird]

Tackle-glomping had to happen, and while Helena was still protesting and laughing, Dinah's phone rang again.

"You kept your end of the deal," Barbara said without saying hello. "You kept the job, and your grades up, and you didn't get in trouble or arrested. Happy Birthday, Dinah."

"I love you! I love you anyway but I *really* love both of you right now!" Dinah was already astride the bike, checking out all the options. Good thing she'd worn the leather.

"I gotta get back. But you and me? Are going on a roadtrip, first chance we get," Helena said, hugging her again. "Don't you dare get hurt on it before then."