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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Saturday afternoon
Time to start studying for Finals Week. And catch up on a few things. Like e-mail:


You know Sam's got the lead in the play in town, right? Do you think you could make one of the performance dates, Tuesday or Thursday, or maybe Sunday for the Dress Rehearsal? He's really nervous and he says he'd be more nervous if you were there, but I think he wishes you could be.

Let me know, and I'll have a ticket waiting for you at the Box Office!


The door was open, but since Moshi and Camille were both exhausted and curled up together, Dinah was (temporarily) not worried about escapes. Also: awwwwwwwwww!

[Door open, and if she'd email you, it's open for that too]

When Peter got the email from Dinah he didn't have to think long before replying.


Absolutely. How about the Tuesday show? That way I could cheer him on for opening night.


Dinah grinned at her laptop, and spun her chair around.

Awesome! I can get you a good deal on flowers for the star, too. I know this girl who works at the flower shop. :)

Please do! I wanna give him one of those big bouquets after. Will I get to see you when I'm there?

Of course! I'll be the mute princess your guy is trying to hijack into marriage, when I'm not the psycho-assassin he's flirting with.

Very very glad you're back and around, Peter. Did I mention that before? *hugs*

I meant will I get to see you out of character? And it's good to be back. SOrry I worried everyone. *HUGS*

You will! Gotta make these hugs more than virtual, you know?

And you should be! No dying again! You're no-dying guy. It's bad when the universe breaks one of it's own rules, you know?

No dying, promise. How else could I show you my new powers?

Ooooo! Like what?

...oh, crap, I forgot. I've got a new one too. Sonic scream. You okay with soaking that one up, or do I have to forgo hugs? :(((

Peter figured a sonic scream couldn't be worse than a nuclear bomb, but he didn't want to say that for fear of jinxing things.

Just promise to teach me how to use it? And thanks for the heads-up.

Dinah sighed in relief that she didn't have to avoid being in the same room as Peter.

Promise. It's tricky, but do-able, and it came in handy when I got it. Just don't do it inside a building you want to stay standing.

Very glad you're back, and you know who you are, and everything's cool again.

Ditto. Can't wait to see you. Thanks for your help with the show.