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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Thursday afternoon
Soooo, Momoko had been a hummingbird for two days now, and Jaime was taking care of her in his room... but Dinah had taken in Moshi because keeping him around a twittery, sugar-fueled Momoko was just not going to work out well. There was some, uh. Squabbling. Between him and Camille. Stalking around. Glaring at each other. Stealing of toys. And the occasional dive-roll-pounce moment of cat challenge.

Dinah was just trying to keep them from wrecking anything, so Camille was now smugly ensconced in her lap while she tried to read her Philosophy notes, as Moshi looked out the window and chirruped at *other* birds.

The door was closed, but the music was on.

[open, and Dinah would welcome interruptions of Cat Wars '10. Moshi and his mom modded and cat-sat with permission of heromaniac.]