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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Friday evening, pre-Prom
So, Dinah had hung out on the Sixth Floor, gotten help with her dress, and was now ready for her Senior Prom. As ready as she could be, anyway.

Twirling so her skirt billowed out was probably not the most mature thing ever, but it was kind of unavoidable.

[with a boutonniere for weldedtomyspine]
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And, lo, there was a knock at her door.

Jaime, surprisingly, cleaned up quite well. And his tuxedo was quite nice. He still felt like there were butterflies flapping around in his stomach. He was going to the prom. With a totally hot girl. Who was kind of his girlfriend.

Who'd gotten her sort-of-boyfriend flowers! Or at least a button-hole rosebud which she grabbed on the way to the door, smoothing down her skirt, nervously fiddling with her earrings, then taking a breath before she opened the door.

"Hey, Jaime." And ooooooo, he looked good.


And then he forgot what he was going to say. Because... wow.

Yes! Dinah may have wobbled on her heels for a second with the urge to do a victory dance, but that was it. She grinned at Jaime and reached out to smooth the lapel of his tux. "You look-- really awesome."

"Um... yes."

He meant 'you too'.



Which was even better than 'you too', after all. Dinah grinned and tugged him into the room, closing the door, then started fiddling with his boutonniere. "I got you this. 'Cause I figured... flower shop and all." Smoooooth, but the way he was looking at her was making her a little shy, even if it made her gleeful at the same time. "Thanks for being my date tonight."

"Um... thanks." Jaime glanced down at his shoes a bit shyly. "And... it's my pleasure." He sort of stared at her hands as she fiddled with his jacket.

Wow. They were close.

The boutonniere in place, Dinah didn't have an excuse to be touching him any more.

Step back, Dinah. C'mon, step back? Or at least put your hands down?

She managed to do that much, at least, still smiling. Then blurted, "And this is already way better than last Prom. And not just 'cause you won't turn into a girl in the middle of it."

"..." Jaime blinked.

"Wow. I hope not. That'd get... awkward."

"Really. Extremely. Chuck's a girl right now." Some babble-demon seemed to have taken over Dinah's brain. "He looks great. But I really prefer going to the prom when you're wearing a tux and you're a guy." She reached out to smooth his lapel again, and then just kind of left her hand there. Yup.

"So... um..." he stared down at that hand, and then reached up and lightly brushed her knuckles. "We should... um... go to the... thing. Right?"

The plaintive thought do we have to? we could stay here.... might have flashed through her mind there for a second. Just a second, though!

And was quickly followed up by, Yes. To show you off. And Dinah smiling brilliantly. "Prom!"

"I hear it's what all the cool kids are doing," Jaime grinned, offering her his arm and trying to look all gallant.

"Let's go find out," Dinah said, TK'ing her wrap to herself, and taking Jaime's arm. "And if it's a bust, we'll go find our own adventure."