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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Baltimore, Townson Town Center, Thursday afternoon/evening
Time to find a dress! Dinah had a few nice ones, but hey, this was Senior Prom. A new one was required!

"Okay, so, I hate the ballerina tutus. Something else."

[for heromaniac]

Momoko was staring in shock. "They really think girls want to wear this kind of dress? Even the mannequins don't look cute in them! And the colours? Look at this one! A rainbow fabric on top and black on the bottom?"

"I might as well wrap myself up in a hundred butterfly nets," Dinah said, flicking her fingers at one outrageous concoction. "So yeah, no. What've you got in mind?" She grinned at Momoko. "Color, length, slinkiness...?"

"Pink. I don't know. And not too much but some," Momoko rattled off easily. "I don't have anyone to impress, so the slinkiness is up to me, and usually I go for short dresses, about knee length? But with this selection?"

She shook her head. "You?"

"Um, no preference as to color, but I think I'd like to find a slit skirt..." Dinah blinked as she came across a red dress, and asked, "Maybe I'll try this one on? Do you think it'd impress Jaime?"

"You should... Ah! That reminds me!" Momoko reached for, then held up her phone. "Jaime said the next time you and I went clothes shopping I had to send him pictures!"

A wicked grin crossed her face. "We should totally try on a bunch of stuff and then not tell him which we actually buy!"

Dinah cackled evilly. "Yes! We have to do this! It serves him right if he thinks he's so sneaky. He can just wonder what we really got!" Dinah grabbed a pink-and-leopard-print dress too, as well as one in black and pink. "Ooo, those are cute," she added, pointing at some short short dresses. "Not silly. You get one!"

Ooh. They did look cute! She flipped through and pulled a red and tan one for herself, and then sighed and grabbed a dark blue sheath mini with only a few sequins and a slightly ruffled flare where it ended. It had been calling to her.

She grimaced as she held it to her chest. "I know the colour will look totally horrible on me? But the style looks too cute to not try."

"It might work, don't give up so fast," Dinah protested. "Blue with red hair is a classic." She grabbed another dress, one she didn't think she'd dare wear, then saw a long pink sheath, and a long silver dress that just looked awesome. "Oooooo." She turned to point to Momoko. "Okay, this dress. Trying to hard, or kinda perfect?"

Momoko had found a stash of awesome dresses just a few steps away, so she had to turn back to look. "Eh? It's totally you, but the colour is a bit... plain, isn't it?" Or someone was just too fond of pink. "What about this? Think I should try it?"

"It's really really pink," Dinah said, which just showed the differences between them. "And pretty cute, too, but I'd want to see it on you, first... Okay, I'm trying this first one on. Get the camera ready."

She ducked into a changing room, put the dress on, then had to grin. "I don't have the attitude for this," she admitted, opening the door and stepping out. "But you have to admit it's awesome."

"Wow!" Momoko snapped a shot and motioned for Dinah to spin. "Eee! That is an awesome dress! I like that it's got the animal print inside, so you don't see it at first. Here, wanna see before I send it on?"

"Definitely!" Dinah leaned over, and grinned. "Okay, I need high high heels for these dresses. And that photo should make Jaime facepalm and bibble." Always a great thing! "Your turn!" She grabbed the camera and pointed at Momoko. "Time to make like a supermodel, and make Jaime stare!"

Momoko rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Like that'll happen? Okay, be right back!"

It took a few minutes, but she finally reappeared. "I tried one of the long ones first. Well?"

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"Oh, wow, that looks amazing on you," Dinah said, taking a photo of Momoko. "The color's great with your hair, I love the shiny...." She grinned. "Do you think you can dance in it?"

Momoko giggled and made a few test shimmies. "I can, but it feels a bit weird. Let me see how it looks?" She reached for the camera and grinned. "Ah! I'll keep it out as a maybe! Okay! You're turn!"

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