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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Monday morning
So after fighting a monkey-pony, and going to the Clinic with 'Dite, Dinah had wound up in Jaime's room last night, resting up for a couple hours after another concussion. Which had been... much nicer than most concussion experiences.

She still wasn't 100%, though, and had texted Arthur as much when she woke up, before class. Now she was just zoning out in her bed, listening to music and watching out the window where there was no Fog of Confusion, and playing with Camille.

The door was open.

[expecting one eventually, but as open as the door is.]

As Dinah probably could have guessed, even brought a concerned witchling to her door. Spending all weekend out of commission meant that she was now systematically checking up on all of her friends, especially those she could practically guarantee would have been in the thick of things.

"Kiss kiss," she called, softly rapping on the door, even though it was open.

"Hug hug," Dinah responded, opening her arms up from where she lay on her bed. "Hey, you. C'mon in."

Karla came in to see Dinah laying down in bed. Dinah. Laying down. In bed. Dinah. Before midnight.

She flew to the bedside. "What happened? You got hurt didn't you? Are you okay? Should I call in my supplies?"

"I'm okay, I'm okay, I got punched, a little concussed, you know, but I didn't even throw up this time, I'm just supposed to rest," Dinah protested, reaching for her hand immediately. "Seriously, Dr. Martha's great, 'Dite took me to the Clinic to see her." She sighed, and settled back into her pillow-nest. "Just tireder than I want to be, and kinda woozy, is all."

Karla internally fretted a moment but decided not to fuss aloud. "I'm glad you were seen so quickly," she said. "I'm just about out of headache powder, but I can brew you up something quick for the nausea."

She sat down gingerly on Dinah's bed, not wanting to jostle her. "Since you're here, I'm assuming you've been given the okay to sleep?"

"Oh, yup." Dinah dimpled up in a small grin. "I just had to be watched last night. I crashed on Jaime's bed for a while, and he looked out for me." Which turned Dinah a bit pink at the memory, now that she was less confused. "I babbled at him a lot, then zonked out."

"Someone's blushing...." Karla said in sing-song, grinning. "That same someone's kinda trapped here. Interesting coincidence, that. Perfect for the sharing of gossip...."

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Momoko popped her head into the room. Radio had mentioned she'd gotten hurt and she was worried.

"Dinah?" Worry, worry.

Dinah looked up from the bed and waved, but didn't get up. "Hey, you. You're all in one piece? Yaaay."

Momoko grinned, but was still concerned. "I'm totally fine!" Well except for the soreness, the scrapes, and lots of scratches and bruises. And a shoe with teeth holes in it. "My costume absorbs a lot, remember? But last night's radio said you got a concussion? Are you okay? What happened?"

"Mostly just achey and headache-y," Dinah admitted. "And I got punched by a monkey-pony before I took him down." She mostly remembered that at this point. "'Dite took me to the Clinic, and Dr. Martha checked me out, told me to rest."

"Stupid ugly pony monkey things. Ugh." Momoko made a face. "They were bad enough before they powered up. And the lizards with their claws? I think they got sharper!"

"So if the Doctor sent you home, it's not really too serious, right? No brain tumors or amnesia or weird visions or losing your powers or stuff?" She watched too much anime.

Dinah had to stare at her for a second for that one, then laugh. "No! No significant trauma. Not at all, look." She TK'd the cookie tin to herself, and opened it to offer the goodies inside to Momoko. "I don't think it's even as bad as the concussion I got back in January, I didn't throw up this time. And did you get clawed?" she asked, worried. "Tell me you didn't."

"Good! Ooh! Yay! Thank you!" Taking a cookie and looking for a spot to sit, Momoko relaxed a bit about Dinah's condition. "Not really clawed, like all gashed and stuff. I'm quick, remember? But there were a bunch of near misses and a few places in town are probably not as pretty as they used to be."

Dinah moved her legs and sat up a bit, to make room on the bed for Momoko. "Gaaah. You know, I'm going to kinda miss the invasions? And kinda not. They're kinda fun and all, but I could live without the widespread rampant destruction." She smiled ruefully. "Although the giant squid was classic."

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