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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Beach of the Preserve, Monday, mid-morning
After salle practice and Philosophy class, Dinah braced herself, and stopped by someone's room to pick up back-up for her first experiment with the Canary Cry. The beach of the Preserve was isolated, with only a few seagulls wheeling down the strand.

"You think this is a good spot?" she asked, looking around anxiously. "Doesn't look like anyone's around. Or any of the teal deer, either."

[for he who knows who he is, but open, if you have a reason to be in a fairly isolated beach spot]

"Yeah, this should be okay," Roy said as he took a small case out of his pocket. "I'm about to stop being able to hear you," he warned. "Except for--yeah." The Canary Cry was hard to miss. "If there are any deer around they'll beat it pretty fast."

Dinah winced when she saw the earplugs, then took a breath and said, "I don't even know if I can do this again." Wow, that would be embarrassing. Huffing and puffing and nothing to blow a house in. She chanced another look at Roy, then frowned, and faced out toward the ocean, taking a couple deep breaths.

"Right," Roy said, wondering since when Dinah had the self-esteem issues, and then reminding himself that this was Wackyverse Teeny Dinah, who probably didn't even own fishnets. "Well, you'll never know unless you try, right?" he suggested, then popped the earplugs in and shouted, "GO FOR IT."

She did! ... but they were for Halloween or boyfriendly guys, not for the public, jeeeez.

Dinah grinned warily back at Roy, scrunching her forehead up as she concentrated. Okay. Deeeeep breath. Let it out. Another one. And...

The scream was loud, but it wasn't sonic. Dinah kept shrieking, not feeling anything new happening, but -- it was like she could feel it just out of reach. A pause for breath. Then she tried again, putting her hands over her ears.

Roy made a mental note to give Dinah the standard lecture about most (most) metas not being hurt by their own powers, and waited. It wasn't like he had anything else to do today.

Okay, geometry homework, but screw that.

Dinah could feel-- something? -- in her diaphragm now, not quite a buzz; pressure. Yeah. Her eyes widened and she glanced at Roy out of the corner of her eye, but didn't look directly at him, not while she was trying to--



The water dipped down in front of her as the Cry burst forth, but then Dinah gulped, almost choking, mostly from surprise. "Whoa."

"WELL DON'T STOP!" Roy said. Very loudly. He couldn't hear himself, shush.

"I GOT SURPRISED!" Dinah yelled back. Then rolled her eyes at herself, and Roy, and turned back to the ocean. Freaky, weird, strange, human tuning fork quantum bizarreness....

Dinah took another breath, and shrieked. Rising, rising, oh, okay, kind of like

TK + shriek + telepathy - actual telepathy = "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee--"

It was like her whole body was vibrating, emanating out from her lungs and chest and vocal chords...

A trough appeared in the water before her, hollowing out where the soundwaves hit it, for at least a hundred feet in front of her.

Whoa. And keep. Screaming!

Roy would totally clap right now, if he thought Dinah stood any chance of hearing it. "THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT!"

When she finally ran out of breath, Dinah staggered, righted herself, then turned back to Roy, grinning all over her face. "DID YOU SEE THAT? I DID IT! WOOOOO!" Oh, man, what a rush!

Roy gave her a double thumbs up. "WAY TO GO!"

Dinah bounced over and gave him a spontaneous quick hug, then bounced back and said, "Okay. Okay. Here we go..."

She decided to get down lower, and crouched down to see what would happen if she aimed the sound straight at the surface of the water.


A deeper, wider trough, messing up the wave patterns for about two hundred feet, the water separating, then crashing back together as it tried to keep moving inland. Sand kicked up in spurts around the edges too, the beach surface sliding away from Dinah's voice.

She stopped to take a break, panting for breath, hands on her knees. "...whew."

Yeah, Roy figured she would need to, like, build up stamina or something. "MAYBE TAKE A BREAK?"

Dinah gave him a thumbs' up, and flopped down to sit on the sand, still breathing hard.

Yeah, those seagulls weren't getting any closer. They were a good half-mile down the beach, and it looked like they were going to stay there. Dinah rubbed her diaphragm, trying to figure out how the heck this even worked.

It was really better not to try to figure that stuff out, in Roy's experience. He popped his earplugs out and said, "I'm pretty sure you don't have to cover your own ears."

"You think? Maybe?" Dinah wasn't sure, although she didn't feel even slightly deafened at the moment. Everything happened too fast, last time, for her to have even noticed. "It's so weird. It's not all physical, is the thing, part of it's like... like the TK." She frowned, then shook her head in frustration. "Did your Dinah ever tell you about it?" she asked, tentative, and not wanting to trespass too much.

"Not really," Roy said. "Sometimes she'd, like, strain her throat? She drank a lot of chamomile. But, yeah, Dinah's hearing is fine, so." He shrugged.

Dinah nodded, able to believe that, and reaching for the small steel thermos she'd brought along, unscrewing the top to take a drink of water. "I wish... I wish my mom were alive. I could ask her all this." She cleared her throat, and took another sip. "I only saw her use it once. Sent guys flying across this warehouse. And wrecked the equipment they had there." She looked out over the stretch of beach, speculatively. "Think I could do some landscape re-design?"

Roy was so not touching the first part of that, especially since, unless something had happened in the last little while, his Dinah's mother was still alive. "I'm sure you could," he said. "Just let me get the earplugs back in first."

Dinah waited until they were secure again, then turned to look up the beach. A white expanse of curving sand, ending in rocks, some hundred feet away. "Okay. Let's see..."

This time the Canary Cry slapped sand out of the way in both directions, vibrating in place beneath it until Dinah could almost see the soundwaves. The rocks trembled, falling away from each other to tumble into the sand, and then cracks started appearing in them. One. Two. Three. Four.

And one rock exploded in powder, leaving Dinah gulping for breath and light-headed as the others trembled and were finally still.

Roy applauded in lieu of yelling.

Dinah beamed at him, giddy and almost dizzy, then held up one finger and mouthed, "One more." Seriously, she didn't think it was the sound waves, so much as it was the effort, that was starting to get exhausting.

But it was fun. Not as scary as she'd thought at all. Not something she'd break out for fun, no. But the effort was worth it. Maybe one *more* time after this one....

Another huge breath, and she screamed, voice rising and falling, that seemed easier, then hitting a middle ground of Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that just went on and on and another rock turned to powder, and she shifted, aiming her scream out to the water again, watching it kick up plumes of spray around the rocks in the water, and finally wound down to a stop.

And flopped down on the ground, spent.

Roy pulled out his earplugs and said, "Okay, I'm cutting you off, Lance."

The inevitable protest would've been a lot more impressive if it didn't come out as a squeak.

Dinah chugged her water, swallowed, then carefully said, "I could do it one more time. Or maybe a few more times. Really." More water. "It just takes some getting used to!"

"Exactly," Roy said. "It's like anything, you have to build your strength. You want to be able to talk tomorrow, right?"

"Yeeeeah...." Dinah sighed, wistful, and rubbed her throat before chugging more water. Maybe it was better to quit while she was ahead?

There was, after all, always tomorrow. Though that probably wasn't the way Roy meant that. She squinted at the tree-line, and said, "Next time, we take out a few of the bigger ones."

Roy squinted thoughtfully at the trees. "If I'd brought my gear, we could right now."

What? Some of his arrows exploded.

"Seriously?" Dinah gave him a fascinated look. She tilted her head, studying the tree, and said, "You so should bring your gear next time. I wanna see that."