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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Baltimore, Washington Monument and Museum
Yesterday's date at Fast Eddie's with Jaime had been awesome, but now was the time for serious business.

The museum was closed, but the monument provided a great view of this part of town. Dinah grinned and got up on the railing around the top of the tower. "Awesome," she decided, turning her face to Blossom. "Okay, partner. Pick a direction. You're the pilot."

[for the partner-in-crime!]

"It's so different! So calm and pretty!" She was looking out and not at all believing she was still in the same city. Probably a place this nice was a bad choice to get Blossom in the mood for crime-fighting. She grinned over at Dinah.

"I'm up for anywhere, today; it's just so nice a night. You pick!"

Dinah grinned back at her, mask back on and intact, and looked out over the park space surrounding the monument. "Fly to the library, airwalk and swing over those housetops, then on to the roof of St. Ignatius?" she pointed, looking hopeful. "We can stay up high enough that no one should notice us, I think. It'll be just like New Gotham."

"Sounds good. Not many people are about right now, too, so we should be okay." Blossom was still slightly distracted by the view but followed her pointing and nodded, holding her arm out to fly them over the first leg. "What are you going to do without me when you go home? You know you're going to miss flying."

"I so, so am. And I don't know that Karla's wings will work well back there-- but there's always swinging on wires again, or maybe a hang-glider," Dinah said, hanging on tight to Blossom's arm, bouncing on her toes. "You have to come visit me there, though! We can fly over the city...."

"You know I'm gonna visit every chance I get! Don't be silly!" Blossom took them easily across, although she took a moment to find a good spot for the two of them on the library roof. Silly skylights.

"I don't know about wires, but hang gliding is totally fun, too! Although I'm not at all sure how you could do that and then land and be ready to fight and stuff. And you can't really hover, so it's only good for transportation. And only one way."

Dinah stepped down lightly, grinning at the glee of flight yet again. "Barbara told me that Batman had a collapsible frame in his cape, when he used to patrol New Gotham. So he could glide between buildings, and then touchdown and fight." She made a motion like shooting at the spire of St. Ignatius across the square. "Automatic rapelling gear, to pull you along, like you're swinging on a vine in the urban jungle." She went to the edge of the roof and looked down. "Much safer part of town here. No stores to rob. All the residences have high security built in. A walk in the park, really."

"Literally a walk in the park!" Blossom chuckled and waved across the way in another direction. "I didn't think the city had this many trees all together!"

"Wouldn't the rappelling gear damage buildings and stuff? The costume thing is cool, though. The Professor made us jet wings in our ninja outfits once. They were weird to use, but they worked like that - collapsed back into the costume, I mean."

You had to make sure you pressed the right buttons, but they worked. Of course the outfits themselves were NOT AT ALL CUTE.

Always a down-side!

"Ooooo. Yeah, like that. And no, most of the rapelling stuff was some kind of super-alloy-- Barbara could explain it. Not much damage to buildings, if you used it right," Dinah said, then grinned over at Blossom as she hopped up on the railing, and balanced on one foot. "You'll catch me if I fall, right? I want to air-walk to the church."

"No, I'm totally going to let you fall and then try to explain to everyone back home and your sisters! Again." Blossom grinned and rolled her eyes as she glided up beside her. "Which reminds me! We need to practice your other thing, too!"

Dinah grinned, and looked down, then slowly started to step out onto the air. Step. Step, step. Step. Concentrate. The force under her feet, holding her up, the spire ahead....

As she hovered over the street she said, lightly, "I'm still scared of it. But you're right. Sonic scream practice... has to happen." Step, step. She chanced a look over at Momoko. "I just don't want to wreck anything. Or anyone. Claire offered to be a target, but..." She shuddered, stopping to firm her concentration.

"Sonic scream, right!" Blossom was hovering RIGHT THERE if Dinah needed to grab her, remember. Okay? Totally serious! They were way above the street, after all, so... Hovering. Riiiight there.

"Why would Claire volunteer? I still think you should start with things like rocks and maybe hillsides and stuff."

"Oh, definitely." And oops. "Uh. Well, she's a good friend and roomie... and she'd probably tell you the rest, but that's her story to tell."

Dinah put a hand out toward Momoko to steady herself, and looked up as a jet soared overhead, breathing in the sounds of Baltimore at night. "Sometimes, nights like this-- it makes everything with Shiva and the Canary Cry worth it. To just have the city here to play in. You know?"

"Ah! Powers?" Blossom grinned and nodded. More worried about Dinah's concentration than learning that yet another person at school had powers.

"I'm not sure if it's what you mean, but I totally love that what I do means that nobody else has to worry about what I worry about. Especially on calm nights like this where just maybe everyone is being safe and happy for once."

Dinah bit her lip, but didn't comment, which was probably answer enough there.

"Yeah. Everyone safe." She couldn't put it into words; maybe Poe could, he lived in Baltimore, right? About how being able to go anywhere, and see anything from this vantage point, was all a part of being able to protect people from down on the ground, too. How the risks were worth it for the thrill of both parts of that.

She started stepping upward again, and finally reached the edge of the church roof, and boosted herself over the side, then leaned against a column. "Whew! Okay, I'm glad I can do that, but I wouldn't want to air-walk around the whole city. I'm still jealous you can fly."

"I'm totally jealous of that stepping you do! I mean, I know I can fly, but looks so awesome!" Blossom visibly relaxed as soon as Dinah was fully on the roof. She floated to a spot nearby and dropped to it herself.

"Ah! It's just as nice and calm here. I think we're totally going to have an easy night tonight." She reached into a pocket and pulled out a bag. "Sugar cookie?" She offered.

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