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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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South Dakota, another dimension, mid-evening
Dru was rooting around going through books, and Dinah really needed to check in now. Or this place would get a lot more crowded real quick.


[for BB, and anyone else who wants Dinah to check in already!]

"Cool, I will, then." Dinah looked around, and added, "South Dakota is just not that interesting in this dimension aside from all the monsters. I've got a feeling I'll be calling."

Could Dinah hear her blinking, because she totally was.

"Dakota? Isn't that, like, in America?" She wasn't the best in foreign geography, but she'd looked over a few maps after the island moved the last time. "I thought they didn't have monsters here?"

"They don't in my version, but Dru's does," Dinah said. "Which is not a recommendation, believe me. I deal way better with science than I do with magic." She shook her head. "And I'm going to definitely miss Law & Order class tomorrow. I left a message for Mr. Gibbs, but get me the notes?" And not sleep this time? Heh.

"Monsters aren't magic, Dinah." Momoko rolled her eyes and grinned. "But I'll definitely take excellent notes! You better remember to call me. I'll leave class if I need to; I've had plenty of practice getting out of class to go heroing, believe me."

"I will," Dinah promised. "Hopefully with better news."

Monsters were magic! At least magic in the way that the science was way over her head, if there was any.

"Thanks, Momoko. I appreciate it."