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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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South Dakota, another dimension, mid-evening
Dru was rooting around going through books, and Dinah really needed to check in now. Or this place would get a lot more crowded real quick.


[for BB, and anyone else who wants Dinah to check in already!]

"You have yourself a deal," Jaime grinned. She could probably hear the expression in his voice.

Dinah grinned back. "Next check-in, 24 hours. If I don't see you sooner."

"Don't be late," Jaime sing-songed. "I might get worried."

"Can't have that," Dinah teased. "The bad guys won't know what hit them." More dryly, she added, "Which I think is totally fair."

"Hey, they're bad guys. Everything's fair."

"True!" Dinah grinned. "Stay safe while I'm gone, okay? If I get back and you can't hold a pool cue 'cause you got hurt, I'll be pissed." She took a breath. "Night, Jaime."

"Sweet dreams, Dinah."