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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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South Dakota, another dimension, mid-evening
Dru was rooting around going through books, and Dinah really needed to check in now. Or this place would get a lot more crowded real quick.


[for BB, and anyone else who wants Dinah to check in already!]

"More like the Invasion zombies-- and no." She sighed. "We think he died just a couple days ago." Dinah sounded glum. "And then there were some kind of humongous werwolves. And a vampire... thing." Dinah rubbed her head. "So far, we're staying one step ahead of it all, though."

"Ah." Zombies, werewolves... vampires. "Dinah, are you sure you're okay? I can totally come help. I know how to make silver bullets, even." Well, she had her notes from Mr Winchester's class.

"You guys aren't alone doing this, are you? You only mentioned three of you in your message."

"Dru knows some people here," Dinah said, which was ... less a lie, than an uncertainty. "Friends of her dad. They're not here now, but she seems pretty sure they'd help." She grimaced. "I'm okay, just kind of freaked out. And it would've been just Dru and and Kennedy if she hadn't dared me to come along. I'm sorry, I would've grabbed you too, if they hadn't been leaving *right* that second."

"Hang in there." Hey, zombies and vampires. If Momoko'd gone, they could both have had issues at once! "I'm glad you at least left me a message!"

"So, what's the situation, anyway? What's going on; can you tell me?"

Dinah frowned, trying to put the last action-packed 24 hours in order, as if she were giving Barbara a briefing. "Someone who Mr. Anderson was tracking--we don't know why-- killed him. This guy named Sergej? I guess? Is behind it, according to this other guy, Christophe. Who is the biggest jackass of a weird vampire type I've ever met who didn't actually try to kill me," she added as side-commentary. "And then the werewolves showed up in there, or monster-wolves...anyway, they might be working for the bad guy, Christophe thought so. And we're kind of stuck 'til Portalocity gets us a portal, so Dru is going through her dad's stuff, hoping to get a clue what he was working on."

Momoko nodded as she followed along. "Whoa, wait. So the vampire is a friendly one?" That was different.

"Friendly is a streeeetch," Dinah said, suiting the word to the concept. "Non-homicidal, and wants us alive... yeah. Why, though? I'm not sure. And he's only interested in Dru. Kennedy and I, he calls 'little girls.'" She snorted. "He's cruising for a smackdown."

"He sounds a lot like Shiva. She was totally focussed on you and didn't even think of me." Momoko nodded. Silly villains, not knowing heroes when they saw one. "And you can totally take him and anyone else you need to." Dinah was good! Even if Momoko wasn't sure about her ideas of involving civilians.

"Is there anything you need? Since I'm stuck here I can totally take Priestly's spot for you! Not that I can do as good a job; my phone totally sucks in this universe." Why had they not invented video phones yet, seriously?

"Obsessive types give me a headache." And oh, they so needed video phones! C'mon, Batman should've had them years ago!

"And, well, if you can look up anything on werewolves?" Dinah checked. "Or something called a ... damper? Dampener? Damp-eer. I dunno. It's the type of almost-vampire that this Christophe guy is." She sighed. "I could take him if I broke out the Canary Cry, but honestly, I'm scared to. I haven't even had a chance to practice that thing yet. Damnit."

"We totally need to go practice that when you come home! Only use it if you really need to okay?"

Momoko walked over to her bookshelf and leafed through her collection of notebooks. "I took a class with Professor Winchester on supernatural stuff. I can totally look in my stuff from that class. We covered them because I was thinking of Taka-kun."

"I remember it was silver bullets, but if you call me back I'll have more."

"Cool, I will, then." Dinah looked around, and added, "South Dakota is just not that interesting in this dimension aside from all the monsters. I've got a feeling I'll be calling."

Could Dinah hear her blinking, because she totally was.

"Dakota? Isn't that, like, in America?" She wasn't the best in foreign geography, but she'd looked over a few maps after the island moved the last time. "I thought they didn't have monsters here?"

"They don't in my version, but Dru's does," Dinah said. "Which is not a recommendation, believe me. I deal way better with science than I do with magic." She shook her head. "And I'm going to definitely miss Law & Order class tomorrow. I left a message for Mr. Gibbs, but get me the notes?" And not sleep this time? Heh.

"Monsters aren't magic, Dinah." Momoko rolled her eyes and grinned. "But I'll definitely take excellent notes! You better remember to call me. I'll leave class if I need to; I've had plenty of practice getting out of class to go heroing, believe me."

"I will," Dinah promised. "Hopefully with better news."

Monsters were magic! At least magic in the way that the science was way over her head, if there was any.

"Thanks, Momoko. I appreciate it."