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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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South Dakota, another dimension, mid-evening
Dru was rooting around going through books, and Dinah really needed to check in now. Or this place would get a lot more crowded real quick.


[for BB, and anyone else who wants Dinah to check in already!]

Dinah's lips quirked up in a small smile. "They really are. Wish you were here so I could feel it for real. I'm sorry I booked out so fast. I had about ten minutes, or they were going to leave without me."

"Hey, that's life." Well, superhero life. But he understood.

And despite the way it had come about, he was glad she knew he did.

Dinah was kind of ridiculously glad that Jaime got it, and wasn't calling her reckless or crazy at this point. The words might apply, but they wouldn't help right now.

"Yeah. It is. I don't know when we'll get back. Soon, I hope." She looked out at the snow, and shivered. "I'm keeping you on speed-dial, in case this does turn into a 'need back-up and extraction now' kind of deal."

"Good." It wouldn't really make him worry less, but it was still nice to know.

"We're doing pizza when I get back," Dinah said. "Also, bowling. Or pool. Something like that."

A daaate. A definite one. You made plans, therefore, you had to show up for them.

"You have yourself a deal," Jaime grinned. She could probably hear the expression in his voice.

Dinah grinned back. "Next check-in, 24 hours. If I don't see you sooner."

"Don't be late," Jaime sing-songed. "I might get worried."

"Can't have that," Dinah teased. "The bad guys won't know what hit them." More dryly, she added, "Which I think is totally fair."

"Hey, they're bad guys. Everything's fair."

"True!" Dinah grinned. "Stay safe while I'm gone, okay? If I get back and you can't hold a pool cue 'cause you got hurt, I'll be pissed." She took a breath. "Night, Jaime."

"Sweet dreams, Dinah."