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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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South Dakota, another dimension, mid-evening
Dru was rooting around going through books, and Dinah really needed to check in now. Or this place would get a lot more crowded real quick.


[for BB, and anyone else who wants Dinah to check in already!]

Jaime was deep in the guts of a vacuum cleaner he'd dug up from somewhere, but he managed to find his phone on the second ring. It took him a third to fumble it open, though.

"Joe's Pool hall," he answered with a grin.

Dinah immediately grinned, and drawled, "Is Joe there? I have a bone to pick with that guy."

"Joe's out. But he's a deadbeat, so he's always out. This is Pete. What can I do for you?"

Betting now open on how long Jaime could go without choking on a laugh...

"Hey ya, Pete. Punch him when you see him, and tell him Lola says that if he doesn't return the underwear, I'm telling everyone he wears pink silk briefs. With lacy hearts on them."

Betting on snickers in five, four, three, two...

Jaime managed, barely, to restrain himself. "I thought that was pretty common knowledge by now..."

Dinah fake-gasped. "Hey! What other girl's underwear did he steal before?! That dog. Right, change of plan. You keep him there, and I'll buy you pizza after I show up and strangle him."

"I do like pizza..." Jaime grinned. "You going to deliver it personally?"

"I wish," Dinah said, voice turning glummer. "When I do, it won't be tonight. Stuff is getting so weird."

"Weird as in 'I need to talk to an intelligent and understanding guy' weird, or weird as in 'help, help, somebody save us' weird?" Jaime figured the first, but it never hurt to check.

"First one, although telling you about this now might save me the second," Dinah said, grimacing. "So far, werewolves, half-vampire type, and oh yeah. Dru's dad got turned into a zombie."

"Sounds like business as... wait... who got turned into a zombie?"

Dinah went outside onto the porch, keeping her voice down so Dru wouldn't overhear. "Her Dad. Some creepy vampire guy said Mr. Anderson messed with the wrong thing, and, well." She swallowed. "Dru had to shoot him."

Jaime was silent for a long time. Long enough that Dinah might suspect the connection had died.

Eventually he managed a very soft, "That sucks."

Dinah hugged herself, looking back toward the window, where she could see Dru poring over books. "Yeah," she said very softly. "There wasn't enough left of him to bury, even if there'd been time. And she's still in danger, as far as we can work out. We can't convince her to leave." She rubbed her temples. "So. Yeah. Still here."

"How's she holding up?" He figured Dinah was more worried about Dru than herself, anyway.

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