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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Monday afternoon
So there had been a Common Room of Confusion with Claire, Eddie G. (who was Priestly, and they really did need to drink some of these memories away), a Jack she didn't know, Kate, Brain on Drugs Girl and Jaime on Saturday, right after she woke up. Then Black Canary had gone exploring in town, ending up talking to the ADD Poster Girl, Miria on the Illyria. Then saving Karla from Harley Quinn. Which was a nice antidote to last week's damseling, but dude. Talk about people she'd never wanted to see again... and then there were hugs and coffee with Roy which Dinah suspected was going to be more than a little Awkward when she saw him next time. Although hopefully not as awkward as this morning's chats with Raven, Priestly, and Jak in Philosophy about the weekend and the whole mess with Shiva.

There was a new signature on her Black Canary poster, though: Dinah: I had fun here, IOU $5 for pizza, and look out for Roy? See you in the funny pages -- Black Canary

"You don't turn into things," she was saying to Camille now. "Even the necklace did. How are you so lucky?"

The door was open, and the brightest music she could find was playing.

Jaime peeked into the room real quick and then sighed in relief. It was Dinah!

Oh... wait... hadn't she left him an ominous voicemail...?

Maybe he could come back later! If, you know, she didn't spot him. (Good luck with that.)

Dinah looked up from scolding Camille, and her smiled hopefully when she saw Jaime. "Hey, you!"

Jaime couldn't suppress a sheepish grin in return. "Hey, you. How was your weekend?" What had Dinah been up to while her double had been in town?

"Uhhh. Interesting. C'mon in." She reached out for the door with telekinesis. "There's some stuff you should know... And I think this is a cookie discussion."

Thank God Alfred had sent some more yesterday.

Uh oh... That sounded ominous. Jaime was pretty sure he knew what htis was about.

He forced a smile. "Sure. But don't look so... whatever. It's no big deal." If Jaime actually knew what she was talking about, he wouldn't have tried faking calm.

"It isn't?" Dinah brightened, even as the cookie tin landed in her hands. Wait. "Um. Which part? I mean, this weekend was..." Hoo boy. "And there was stuff last week..." Yeah.

Cookies! Cookies helped! NOM.

Jaime kept smiling. "Yeah, I know. It was just a Spring Break thing. I get it. If you want to... you know... just... whatever." His 'I'm okay with it' face was slipping a bit there.

"What?! Nooo!" Dinah nearly choked on a cookie, eyes huge, then swallowed and said, "Wait, do you want to just 'whatever?'"


"I'm fine with it," Jaime lied. "I mean... you don't need to feel tied down or anything." That smile looked really forced. "So, you know... whatever you want."

He was too busy feeling sick to his stomach to notice her expression.

Impressively, Jaime had driven all thoughts of Blue Beetle, Black Canary, Shiva, and new powers completely out of her mind. Guy had skills.

"But, but, but--" Dinah was trying not to flail too hard, even as her stomach was sinking. "We had fun! At least, I thought we did! Didn't we? I, I did. And the kissing was... it was...nice. Right?"

For a second Jaime's smile was genuine and incredibly dopey. "Yeah," he said distantly. "It was nice."

"And you're super-awesome and stuff, so..." he trailed off since it was obvious that she could do better than him.

"Yay!" Dinah beamed at him, then her expression fell. "Wait. Why are you saying that like it's a bad thing?"

"Well, cause, you know... it was just a Spring Break thing?" And while he was not fine with that, it was sort of lame. "I mean... You've got better prospects and stuff, so..." he shrugged stiffly. "I won't get in your way."

Dinah stared at him in disbelief.

Then TK'd a pillow to hand so she could whap him without hurting him.

"Doofus! Jaime Reyes, you are a first class genuine doofus!"

"What?" Jaime squealed in surprise as he fell over backward. "I said it was okay! I'm not expecting anything from you or anything!" How did that make him a doofus?

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