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runningkitteh!, Camille, Dinahkitteh
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Friday evening
Camille was being cuddled and given a catnip mouse to go nuts over, and Dinah was relaxing after her trip to the onsen with Momoko, and checking in with Karla. The main things that had been covered at home in New Gotham were: (a) no, there was no getting rid of the Canary Cry, (b) Dinah's friends rocked for saving her, and (c) never ever get kidnapped again. She figured that last one was going to require some work, given where she went to school, who she was friends with, and what her family was like.

Playing with a cat was a good start, though.

[for the roomie, but open after; will be a linkdrop later]

Claire was kicked back on her bed, paging through a magazine.

"So, did you get stuff taken care of at home?" she asked, not exactly sure why Dinah had gone home.

"Yeeeah." Dinah looked up with a wince, then bit her lip. "I kind of developed another power. Barbara wanted to check it out, take measurements and stuff."

"Oh?" Claire asked, putting aside the magazine and looking over at Dinah. "Is this a good thing or not?"

"Mostly good. In the long run. I think?" Dinah stroked Camille's head, and sighed. "It's just one I don't know how to control yet, and it's really powerful and kind of scary. Um. A sonic scream." Plus it was making her think about her mom a lot.

"Oh, wow. That does sound powerful," Claire agreed with a nod. "What does it do to people who hear it?"

"Well, the guys who were standing next to me just got deafened for a bit," Dinah said, trying to sound blase'. "The person in front of me got blown out a window." She rubbed her face, embarrassed. "And then the building fell down."

"Wow," Claire repeated.

"Um... if you ever need a guinea pig to test your control on, I can volunteer."

Dinah shuddered. "What, knocking you out, versus knocking you through a wall?" She shuddered and pulled up her legs to her chest. It might even be a good idea, but the idea gave her the creeps.

Claire shrugged. "Better me than someone you can actually hurt, you know?"

"You know, I don't think finding out the limits of your ability to heal yourself should come out when I accidentally turn you into jelly," Dinah said, shaking her head vehemently. "I appreciate it, but gah!"

Well, that made enough sense even though Claire was pretty sure nothing Dinah could do would cause irreparable damange.

"How did you even develop this?"

Dinah's expression fell a little, and she said, "My mom had it. I inherited it. But..." She sighed. "Barbara thinks it was stress, that it came out now because of some stuff that happened Wednesday."

"Awww, Dinah."

Claire slid off of her bed and crossed the room to sit next to her roomie and offer a hug.

Dinah hugged her back, grateful for the support, and said, "Did anything get mentioned on Radio yesterday? I got home, and then I booked to New Gotham before bedtime, I'm sorry for that, but I just really needed to be home."

"Hey, I totally understand," Claire assured her. "And I don't think anything specific made radio, but I wasn't listening all that close."

"I got kidnapped. For about three hours, so I don't even know if that counts...?" Dinah paused, trying to figure out what the word for a mini-kidnapping would be. "Anyway. Stress. Thus. New power."

Claire frowned. "I'm glad you're okay, at least." She paused and gave Dinah a once-over. "You are okay, right?"

"Yeeeah. Raven healed me-- I got pretty banged up at the time, and exhausted." She bit her lip. "And then Barbara and Helena kind of hugged me to death when I went home. It was all because this whole thing with someone from there, she's... pretty crazy." Dinah frowned. "So if you run into someone named Sandra Wu-san? Ruuuuun."

"I can't say I blame them," Claire said, bumping her shoulder against Dinah's. "If you need anything, let me know, okay?"

"'Course." Dinah bumped her back, then smiled as Camille came padding over, and picked her up to cuddle the cat under her chin. "Sooo. Anything new with Peter and Sam? I'm still back on how cool it is that he's alive."

Claire couldn't help but grin. "Yes. Peter finally got his memory back. He went to New York to be with Nathan."

"Awwwww," Dinah said, smiling hugely. "That's awesome! Yay! Sam must be thrilled out of his mind. I'm going to have to go find him and squee."

"He is. I saw him on Wednesday in the library," Claire said. "I still need to call Peter. I want to find out whatever I can about what happened because I want to see if I can find my Peter and Nathan."

Dinah held up two sets of crossed fingers. "Because if it happened once, maybe, possibly, hopefully...?"

Claire nodded. "That's what Sam and I were thinking, yeah. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but..."

"Well, I hope you get it," Dinah said staunchly. "And you know if you guys need help, I'm here." She smiled ruefully. "I deal better with other people's stuff than my own."

"Yeah, I'll let you know," Claire said. "It's gonna be a lot of research, I guess. Phone calls and whatnot."

"Whatever you need," Dinah promised. She hugged Camille closer. "Long, weird, week. I could use a lot of sleep this weekend."

Someone, Fate laughed. A lot.

"I will be as quiet as I can so I don't disturb you," Claire promised.